every little past frustration.

Hey!! 😀

First thing’s first. Comment reply : Aiyee Wen Hsi, I’m sorry but WordPress can’t put a cbox at the sidebar. I know…how miserable right? Thankie You so much for reading my blog though you’re ALL the way in Laos. Gosh. Yes. I do miss you. Wait. Scratch that. WE miss you here! (I miss you MORE!) 😀 I hope you can come back here and celebrate Chinese New Year with us. HEHEHE! My mummy will give your ang pou! Banyak-banyak ang pou! It’s been like AGES since I saw you. Just to let you know, Wil’s in college studying A Level, I’m in Form Four (Science Stream) and well…Kat’s Form Two. Honestly Aiyee, I didn’t even give a second thought that family reads my blog. Till now! Well, now you know what kind of crap I blog about 😀 *Hugs you back* ♥

And these are our happy faces asking you to come back from Laos! (Ignore the horrible hair. Had a bad hair day.)

So what’s up people of the world? Mirul! Yes. I don’t like Add Maths either BUT we HAVE to do it. It’s okay. We’ll go through it together. I know it’s a horrid but who am I to complain? Every freaking course in college wants you to take Maths. But hey, even you and I can do all the roots and range and the rest. Don’t bother what Miss Chan says. We maybe slow but we do it with style! 😀

Loads of people has been asking me “Winnie! How’s Science stream?”. Honestly, it’s pretty much okay. I mean, I like Chemistry and Biology. Physics is not my thing. Maths is REALLY out of the question. But i’m doing okay. I love Chemistry though. It’s FUN! I can hear Darshee going “FREAK!”. Oh c’mon it’s okay. It’s less memorizing than Bio. Yes. I’m turning to a nerd.

This post is getting boring. Honestly I don’t have anything to blog. But I can’t seeing my blog not updated. Oh well…till the next update. Tata!


One thought on “every little past frustration.

  1. oh crap! am I really outdated with my technology. But I remember seeing somebody’s wordpress with a chat box by the side. If not, oh no, I am getting old by the days. hahaha yeah, I wanna catch up with you 3 musketeers. Go hard to get you guys out since you all always packed with activities. & to date Wil out, I need to do advance date booking. Aha, that’s great, A-levels is a great future pathway. He wants to be a doc? I guess he’s in Taylors? I wanna go back to study too, so tired of working… need to talk to ‘yi gong’ to sponsor me! Yeaps, I am coming home for good, will be reaching KL on the 7th Feb. Slightly intime for CNY shopping. Wanna go for CNY shopping? which day you’re free before the 14th? Let me know, will come & pick you up! Cause I will be a free-woman after the 7th. A long break for me before the new job kicks in. I am still praying I wanna go back to study. =D

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