when the ‘replay’ button is pressed.

You know, when you tell your best friend about a certain something and the very next day it happened, it’s pretty weird, don’t you agree? And sometimes when you just want to say yes and no at the same time! Well, it’s pretty tough isn’t it? Yeah. I know how it feels. And sometimes you just worried too much that things won’t work out the way you want it to and you’re just afraid you will make the same mistakes again. Yeah, I know. Tell me about it.

And this is what I think about it : Life is like a door. It’s just something called ‘reality’. So on one side of the door, is where you have your past and the other side is where you have to things to face and discover. If not, you’ll NEVER know what lies on the other side of that door frame. Do remember that, if you don’t try, you’ll never know and it’s okay if you let your past repeat. It means your past is your way to the future

PS: It’s life. You and I just have to face it together. 😉


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