Hey Silent Readers 8)

Guess what? Yes, like Teck Leong said, I am in science and whoopie doo! Nerd mode “ON”. Nuwan Martin/ Jia Wen : Eh! I know la you guys having “more” fun than me. You have no idea how mean they are! going around calling me betrayer. Hey! GUYS COME ON LA! I’m sorry! 😦

Believe it or not, I miss 4 Jaya. *NUWAN! YA HAPPY NOW?!* My current class is like no more Nuwan’s “Dev The Barbarian” and no more laughing at Nuwan’s dumb jokes that just cracks you up. Gosh. I feel guilty for leaving you guys. So to make you lovely people, I’m currently stoning in Adil.

Here I am, typing this and sipping coke while chatting. I’m going to start on that karangan, physics and sejarah work book. Told you I’m turning into a nerd. I’m already starting Add Maths and Physics tuition today. Wohooo! I get to see Jun Zee. 😀 I shall stop here then. I shall get back to my Physics notes.


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