Sometimes, it’ll just make you smile at the most random things.

Hey you, Silent readers.

I’ve always wonder what you think about my blog since you’re reading it and no one comments. Well, I usually think it’s boring but at least you’re reading it. And I say thankie you. 🙂 So I was looking through all the files and look what I found!

HEHEHE! SJ Burgers. American Football Team. Make sure my jersey says “Photographer!” 😛

So how’s your first week of school? Mine was pretty okay. I like class now. I’m always looking forward to it because my kawan baik Nuwan Martin will ALWAYS be so lively. And I have Devyoni and Jia Wen sitting in front of me which is more awesome. We’re literally laughing everyday. God knows why. But yes. We are. And Nuwan will always find a way to say something stupid or DO something stupid.

Hahaha! Oh oh oh! YASHVANTH KUMAR! You meannie! Being all stuck up and not saying hi back and just walks past me as if I didn’t exist. Oh well….I forgive you because you say sorry to me for being so mean to me. But Yash, you got to STOP growing. You make me look so short. I *cough* ‘used to be’ taller than you! 😀

Oh Lord. Do bless me. This month’s the road run and next month’s the concert and here I am. Still blur about my piano piece. Winnie. Relax. You can do it. Just don’t freak out when you’re on stage. Now I’m freaking out.


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