Shattered dreams but not hopes.

Today was awfully confusing. First, I hate my class because it was literature and then until Jia Wen and Dev came and BOOM! Fun begins. And then I came home and mummy asked me to go tell Pn. Mah that I didn’t fail my trails on purpose. I was sick and now here I am….being blur.

Gosh. Winnie…pick. You want to chase your pediatrician dreams or you want to become a lawyer/accountant? Oh Lord. This is hard. Okay la. Tomorrow I’ll ask Pn. Mah and if I don’t get then…it’s God’s fate that I shall be in literature. Will asked me to give it a try. I think I will. Mummy doesn’t feel good about me taking Add Maths as optional.

Urgh…this is tough. I shall follow my plan which is asked Pn. Mah tomorrow about the whole Science stream. If not…then okay. And Hoong Hooi! What happened to me? I’ll tell you what happened to me. Like all you other people out there…you ALWAYS think that arts is all THAT bad. Sheesh! I mean it’s not! You guys make it as if arts is for stupid people. Eh…where did your lawyers came from? Arts ma. Where did your accountants came from? Arts. See it isn’t that bad.

Okay. So IF let’s just say I do get into the Science stream…that means I’m leaving all you lovely people in 4 Jaya? Oh gosh. This is hard. Never mind, Winnie. Remember whatever it is, you pick. It’s your future and that’s the HARD part. What am I going to be in the future? Pediatrician? Or Lawyer or Accountant? Or….ahh shit.

Breathe Winnie. Breathe. You can do it. Believe you can and you will. God’s with you. So relax and chill. It’s going to be all okay by tomorrow. It always will. Just smile and no worries. (:


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