Just like I said in the last post, this is the Johor post. So yeah. To tell you the truth, I’ve never been to Johor. I’ve been Cherating the most (right lalit?!) 😀 I love Cherating too much. Alright, on the 28th, mummy hurried us (me and kat) to wake up. Due to Wil’s absence (he went to Penang), it was much easier because she doesn’t have to wake us up twice. 😛

The car ride from Subang till Ayer Papan was about 6 hours or so. We went there because mummy told us that one of her friend from Singapore always go there. Well, you know me right? I’m such a sea person. So yeah. I was darn excited. Till I forgotten my diving suit! -.-‘ Seriously. I was damn sad! And Jon always tell me that he goes fishing in Muar and well, I’ve never went fishing before so I was pretty much excited.

I didn’t went to Ayer Papan because the sea was rough so instead, we drove to Teluk Buih. One of the many places you HAVE to go. I mean, please don’t expect a 5 star hotel or something because it’s a kampung area. But the chalet that we stayed in was really nice. I like it. And I didn’t swim in the pool. One question. Why do you need the pool when you have a LARGER version of swimming pool which is the sea?

I’ve seen sand crabs before but not when it’s home this big!

The evening view. Breath taking ain’t it? Look! An eagle is doing it’s daily fishing too!

*Clears throat* IVAN! See? The Tigger is in GOOD hands you know. Thought the right hand is well….you know. But still….it’s a happy looking Tigger!

And now you know why I love the sea so much. It’s just relaxing.

The chalet and the fishing jetty was within walking distance. Within 2 minutes, you’re already there!

See that guy? He has the best English in the world. I mean, the first impression I gave him was “Oh! He probably speak BM.” But then, when he spoke, his sentences has no grammatical error! note to self : DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER!

Not to mention, he’s a REALLY good fisherman! If you were to ask me to fish, I won’t even get ikan bilis!

“You like a mad person, girl!” – Daddy.

As the night drew in, we decided to have dinner at the restaurant at the chalet.

Meet the boss. He reminds me so much of Uncle Soon. And he has the accent of a English man. Because he’d lived n England for 16 years!

We ate Malay food. The food was awesome. I should really eat more Malay food. Like Ayam masak merah and tom yam. Oh so yummm.

The best part of our junior suit was, there was a wooden balcony at the side and guess what? The source of light was the moon light. It was so bright. No kidding. 🙂

On the 29th, I woke up due to the waves lapping on the beach. Believe it. The sound of the waves just is just soothing. Explored the teluk (bay).

The morning view.

As you can see, that’s a squirrel. And of course I’ve seen squirrels a billion time. It’s just that, this one isn’t the ones like back here in Subang Jaya. It was so friendly and I got up close to it too!

This is where mummy and Kat fell due to the slipperiness of the rocks.

Barnacles. Take note that once you slip and fall, try to avoid these. It’s REALLY sharp.

I know some of you have no idea how the oyster look like. Well, they stick to these rocks and these are smaller ones. So there you have it. Baby oysters.

Fat little kingfisher. And also, I know some of you haven’t got a clue what is a kingfisher. Well, I call it a smaller version of a pelican and it’s colourful!

Washing the shell that I picked up. (Akmal! I’m still a kid! I love collecting shells!)

After that morning walk, headed back for the buffet breakfast. After that, we walked to the jetty again. Somehow, I just love the jetty.

Spot the burung bangau? Or shall I call it heron/stork? 🙂

Met the same uncle from yesterday and this time, he was at the jetty at 7.30 a.m to fish for lunch already!

His life bait. I forgotten what was this fish called but if you went to your local fishmonger, you’ll be able to see it.

Sea worms. Uncle said that they’re super fast and you got be really quick if you want to catch them.

Within an hour, he and his wife caught this much fish!

And there goes another one.

This is his wife. If you notice, her fishing rot can put up to 7 baits are ones!

See that abang? He was freaking slumber walking in the sea when he went to check his fishing nets. If you were ask me to walk that far, I’ll be freaking scared I’ll step on something. I mean, look at him! He’s freaking relaxing and walking to his nets!

Went back to the chalet to pack up and look!

KAWASAKI! Danial! Now I know why you want a Kawasaki bike. It looks so cool.

So after everything, left the Teluk Buih and decided to go to Desaru. On the way out, we stopped by at the paddy field.

Mummy was asking me whether all of my friends had seen a paddy field. So well, if you hadn’t, Voila!

Did you know there are ikan keli, eels and leeches in the water? Okay, I bet you knew about the leech part and the ikan keli…but I bet you didn’t know about the eel right?

Believe it or not, I swore I would had fell into the water. :S

Went to Desaru and decided to stay in Tanjung Balau. I like the beach in Desaru.

See? The Desaru beach from some restaurant.

In the end we stayed this resort or something and we got a suite for half price! Well they just opened. So we got the promotion price. The pool was HUGE with massive water slides. There was jetty but I liked the on at Teluk Buih better. Although, this one was tiled and all and the other was wooden.

Spot the crab?

Male crab.

And the male being the macho one while the female is working on its flirting charms! hahaha!

Had a walk on the beach and heck was it dirty! Earth to Malaysians! We created the TONG SAMPAH for a reason you know. And it is for THROWING your rubbish IN it. Not everywhere else. Or at least dispose your kid’s diapers somewhere else BUT the beach. Seriously. It’s a place of relaxing not a place to be your dustbin.

Sighs. Winnie, chillax. You don’t want the poor readers to read about your long complaining do you? No I don’t want that. Continuing.

The waves did this. It’s just fascinating what God’s creations can do.

Little tiny crabs that I caught. It was hard for they run FAST and they look exactly like SAND! In the end I couldn’t bring it back because mummy said I was being mean to catch them. =\

It’s like optical illusion. Agree?

The clams or whatever they are, seem to sick on plastics.

30th, this time I ignored mummy’s wake up call. I was dead tired and continued sleeping till I nearly missed breakfast! Hhehehe! Thank God the buffet breakfast waited for me.Wheee! I just love the mee goreng. So good that I actually ate a lot. And that’s just breakfast. See Mun Han! I eat kay? I eat A LOT some more.

So I’m not those slim girls who hates eating and diet like crap just to look like models. I love food! I love ice-cream and sugary things. Beat that! Back to the topic, right….After breakfast, headed over to Desaru beach. I was about a 15 minutes drive and daddy nearly knocked down the monitor lizard on the road. It was walking on the road as if it was modeling.

Reached Desaru beach and I asked daddy to buy me a kite. HEHEHE! See Akmal? Still kiddy here! I just love kites. And I just like seeing it go up REALLY high up.

My kite says hi.

Hahaha! My jakun face.

The scene where we saw the diving shop call Padi.
Mummy : OH! Eh! They have Padi here!
Winnie : Isn’t Padi was that diving cert that we took last 2 years?
Mummy : Yeap.
Winnie : Well, too bad that I didn’t bring my diving suit and my fins. If not why on earth would I be flying that kite just to pass time?

It was darn sad la. I didn’t even bring the diving card. -.-‘ Note to Winnie, pack your diving suit and the card along whenever you go on a holiday. It is a MUST. Don’t bring your fins also okay. Just pray that it’ll be provided 😛

We saw people surfing too! Well, it made sense to buy a smaller surfing board because Malaysian waves are just small. Not like Australia’s waves where you need a larger surf board. After Desaru, headed over to Kota Tinggi where mummy said that Kota Tinggi is only famous for its waterfall.

The lower part of the waterfall.

Since there were a lot of people, we climbed up to the higher part of the waterfall.

Pretty huh?

The water was crystal clear too. But it was as cold as ice!

And look! Who does this la. Haiyoo….Have you heard of a DUSTBIN? Seriously. You throw your chicken bones in the water fall? Seriously. It’s a place for people to relax and NOT to see your freaking chicken bone in the waterfall! Sheeesssshhh!

Okay. Let’s focus on something else and I don’t want to spoil my mood. Let’s focus on…

This abang. Say hi! Hahaha! He did a great job actually. Watching out for people in case they want to stunts in the waterfall like a summer sault.

Sometimes even I wonder how trees can make it like art.

That’s my whole Johor trip and I shall visit you again Johor. Oh very well then, I shall go off. And MALAYSIANS! THROW YOUR TRASH IN THE DUSTBIN! Tata.


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