365 days are gone AGAIN.

Hey guys. Happy New Year’s Eve!

Gosh! I can’t believe that 365 days are already GONE. And another year is starting again. So many things happened this year that I don’t even have time to blog about. Sorry guys. But as promised, the Da Vinci Exhibition and my Johor Trip (I didn’t visit the elephant sanctuary YET) and my up coming Cherating trip? Well, I’m still uploading the pictures so yeah.

I can still remember, I started school this year groaning about PMR and the next thing I knew, it’s time to collect results. Sigh…time just flies too fast don’t you think? The next thing I know I’m off to college. Oh gosh…Don’t remind me. Man, I don’t like New Year’s Eve. It’s just so sad remembering all the past and just wanting them to replay it all over again.

But hey, it’s life right? Everything HAS to move on. Even you and I don’t want it too. Oh well…HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance and please do be bare with me for my next post will be FULL of pictures. Oh! By the way, readers around the world? From France and UK and US and Japan and what’s not, thankie you for reading. I appreciate it A LOT.

From your blogger with loads of love, Winnie Wong. (:


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