Christmas Eve & Christmas!


😀 Hey! School’s starting in another week and GOODBYE 2009! I’ll miss you. Sighs…365 days are passing by so fast. Oh well…I’m chatting with Nial now asking where on earth is Mun Han. He’s been gone for 1 week + I think. Eh! Han, CEPAT BALIK LA. I got banyak crap I want to tell you. Okay, I don’t know what crap to tell you, but I got things to talk la. You know me, I talk A LOT. (RIGHT JANICE?) 🙂

Han was telling me that China couldn’t access into Facebook, YouTube and Blogspot. So the only blogs he read is mine. NGHEHE! Yaay! China supports WordPress! *Claps*. Anyways, where was I? Right about this post. Well, Christmas Eve and Christmas was a BLAST. So prepare your eyes to read! =)

Christmas Eve :

I’m going to skip the whole where I take my results. And OH! Aren’t like SOME people (Edric, I mean you!), Jor Shun respect my privacy when I didn’t want to tell him my results. You’re an awesome friend Jor Shun. Anyways, I was suppose to go out with Jason. To watch AVATAR. I wanted to go SO badly. But guess what? Aunt Stephanie has to book a table for the family dinner.

I was so frustrated but oh well, I can’t let that ruin my day now can I? So, we went to Jaya mall or whatever it was called. It wasn’t like Pyramid or something because it was small. But I like it. It wasn’t crowded.

this is the name of the restaurant! Oriental Palace!

I didn’t quite like this soup because that bacon spoiled it. But I shall not complain. 😀

This little pita bread look alike buns, is suppose to with the roasted pork skin while the meat is cooked with black pepper.

Look like a whole load of crap doesn’t it? It was fish I think. I didn’t ate that because I saving my tummy for dessert! 😀

The vege dish that I like. It consist of abalone and scallop!

Fried rice. It can be only described in one word. Aromatic!

Mua Chee. And when you bite it, it is filled with black sesame paste! Me likey! =D

And of course, Sea Coconut soup!

So that was Christmas Eve. Moving on to Christmas.

Christmas :

Woke up like 6.45 a.m. because Ivan told me that he was going to pick me up at 7.30! I mean who wakes up that early for church right? Yes…I’m the only one. So this year’s Christmas I decided to try something new like, heading off to Ivan’s church to celebrate it.

Boy, was it awesome! I mean seriously! The choir was a rocker and the choral speaking was awesome too! So energetic. Well, compare to my church, then Ivan’s on was better. It’s chattered for mostly young adults. When I went in…I was like “WOAH! THIS IS YOUR CHURCH?!” It was thrice bigger than our school hall!

No joke! It was SO big!! Picture time!

Since we went there early because Ivan had practice, so this picture was taken during their practice. Spot Ivan and Jeannie?

Meet Ivan! 😀

Ivan took this. I see Benjamin!! This is the AWESOME choir! Their voice were like…woah!

I met SO many people. EVERYONE was so friendly! I met Danielle, Kar Kien, Kit Yi, Nicholas, Benjamin, Pauline, Stephanie, Su Ann, Timothy and loads more whose name I couldn’t remember.

Jeannie : Winnie, this is Danielle.
Winnie : Heyyy!
Danielle : Hey Winnie, I’ve heard SO much about you! Ivan and Jeannie told me loads of things about you!
Winine : Really? What they say?

IVAN, JEANNIE! I demand you to tell me what you told Danielle! Hahaha! And I met Ben too. Well, EVERYONE was so darn nice! Shaking hands and saying Hi even to someone whom you don’t know! And the funny thing was, Nicholas gave me a new name 😛

Ivan : Eh! Nick! This is my girlfriend!
Nicholas : Not surprising. Hi, I’m Nicholas!
Winnie : I’m um…Winnie. *shakes his hand*
Nicholas : OH! WEN YEE!
Winnie : huh…?
Ivan : It’s WINNIE laaa! Winnie The Pooh, that WINNIE!

HAHAHAHA! It was darn funny!! Wen Yi. Yes Nicholas, it was nice to meet you too! And Kar Kien! So much things to catch up with you! And Kit Yi! Hahaha! The last time you met me in person was like 2005! I was shot and chubby. 😀 Danielle gave me a hug even I don’t know her.

This shows that people from Full Gospel Tabernacle Church is so friendly and nice! One day, Ivan, I’ll go for you Three Six Five Youth fellowship. 🙂 Ivan’s dad fetch me home and I got a Tigger from Ivan! Thankie You, Ivan. Please say you wouldn’t end up in the hospital when you ate my cookies.

After church, we had lunch with Uncle Foo Vung’s family. And I went to the FLower saloon to cut my hair. The hair dresser was so nice to me. The whole thing was with a wash and cut, so since my hair was frizzy and dry and all, he washed my hair like thrice and put conditioner and after everything, he even put oil on my hair so it’ll be smooth and shiny!

Awesome huh? Thanks dude! The best part about him was he examine my whole entire head! AND he did the hairstyle that suit my face. Furthermore, the way he cut my hair, it wasn’t like all the other hair dressers I went. He made it thin and yet he blew dry it till my curls faded!


After. I call it, the Asian version of Katie Holmes. 🙂

I’ll blog about me going for the Da Vinci exhibition. I can tell you one thing. Da Vinci was GAY. No joke!


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