Mother and Daughter time.

Yes! I have finally found something to blog about! I’m happy. Anyways, as the title said, I spent 3 long days with my dear mummy. I seldom spent time with mummy so, these past three days, I’ve went out with mummy! Mother and daughter time!


In the morning, I literally collapsed on the floor due to bladder pain. It hurts like hell! Jess, I feel your pain now. But mine was more towards the cramp-ish pain. When I sat down, it was okay but the pain wasn’t completely gone. Gosh it hurt like crap. Well, Bless The Lord it’s all gone now! 😀 Anyways, mummy and I went to Parade for lunch.

While walking in Parade…

Winnie : Mi! My bladder hurts like ughh…..*bending to one side*
Mummy : Got drink water or not?
Winnie : *sees Poh Yee and waves*
Ph Yee : *nudge Mun Han*
Winnie : HI HAN! *still bending to one side*

Walks a little further….

Aida & Hidayah : WINNIE!
Winnie : *still bending to one side* HI!!!

So as you can see, EVEN in pain, I can still smile and say hi to you guys. 😛 Turst me, walking around with your bladder hurting as if it got stabbed or something was really really REALLY hard. So we ate at Sushi King and I never was so glad to see a chair! Usually I seldom sit when it comes to malls.

In MPH I bought Tan Lines and Ink Heart. They don’t have Nicholas Sparks! How miserable is that?! I was staring at the shelf with ONLY one torn looking book by Nicholas Sparks. Sighs…Well…I’m glad I have books to read. Considering I’ve lost one book by Nicholas Sparks. I am positive I left it in the hotel ):

Walked home and went for tuition. I feel damn dumb in Physics class. Don’t ask why but I just do. And I can never somehow go shopping for poultry. Mummy took me to Ayamas to get chicken wings for Wil’s barbecue and although it was wrapped up in plastic wraps, the blood was still dripping. It was darn disgusting.

I don’t mind dealing with human blood. Don’t ask why but I just don’t mind it at all. But I can gaurantee you when I become your surgeon one day, be prepare. I’ll be SUPER excited to operate you! 😀


Mummy took me to ate Dim Sum and it wasn’t great at all. Seriously. So then later, I crashed on the couch and watched Bolt. Well, only like 10 minutes of it. Bugged mummy to take me out. And she was tired and I got tired of bugging her, I slept off. At four, mummy drove down to Ikea and guess what…it was JAM PACKED.

Do take note : NEVER go to Ikea, Ikano and the Curve after 11 during the weekends or when it’s a public holiday. You’ll DIE finding a parking spot! So we got fed up and drove off.

This is what happens when you ask Winnie to pay for your parking ticket.

Winnie : *Walks to the parking booth* Erm…Can I like pay here?
Indian Guy : Actually you have to go all the way to the other side and pay that the auto pay station.
Winnie : *sounding like a little innocent girl* Oh okay then. *starts walking like I’m sad*
Indian Guy : Here. Come here missy. Give me your ticket.
Winnie : *Grins*
Indian guy : Did you just come in?
Winnie : *nods like an innocent little girl*
Indian guy : It’s free missy.
Winnie : Thank You! 🙂

When I told him thank you, he was so happy that he smiled back. Hehehe! Went over to USJ instead to have Korean Barbecue.

On the way to Taipan.

We went there early and it wasn’t opened yet so we walked around Taipan. OH! Did I tell you I find Persian Cats all so fluffy and cute? Not cute, but I find it adorably fluffy! When I got out of the pet shop, I was sneezing so I proves I can’t hang around with too many cats. I don’t mind dogs though.

We went into this hardware store where mummy have to buy three pin plugs and the wire for the iron. When I walked in, my brain instantly switched to KH MODE. No joke! I could even tell what is for what! If only I could remember all of it doing the exams then I’ll get A for KH. Mummy said that it was important for us to learn KH so we would know how to fix florescent tubes and fix leaking pipes and all.

See that red colour three pin plugs but without the holes? Those are for kids. Ask your parents whether they had used that before when you were little so you wouldn’t simply put things in the switches. 😀

This is what you’ll get when you bring Winnie to a hardware shop. She’ll tend to take pictures of screw drives and what’s not as if she hadn’t seen them before.

Would you believe me when I told you that my feet instantly stopped in front of these things? Colours ma. It’s what I get attracted to.

After going goo goo gaga over the bottles touch up paints, it’s time to makan! Walked all the way back to Daorae Korean BBQ. I don’t not like kimchi though but I sure love the spicy/peppery Miso soup! And yes, I couldn’t take the smell of rice tea so I ordered this…


Which taste like COKE! You fell for it. As if I will try whisky. I’m not kind of drinking person. I only drink wine! 😀

The little plates of side dishes.


MEAT LOVERS! Korean BBQ is going to be your kind of thing! After everything, got tired and went home. Watched Wendy Wu, Benchwarmers and Love Guru with mummy. 😀


Woke up like 9.30 in the morning, and yes, I never wake up at that time during the holidays. Anyways, mummy woke me up because she wanted to go back to Ikea for a parking spot. Talking about fighting spirit! I prayed so hard for parking spot. and we got it!

Mummy had to buy pepper grinder and plates. And what would you think I will do at Ikea? Well, of course i’ll start testing out all the things. I nearly broke that wooden shelf. I ran far away as I can. Thank God it didn’t like fall out. It was almost going to fall out.

OHH! look what I found! These cups are the most adorable thing in the world! I want one ):

After shopping in Ikea, we headed to the Curve for lunch. We went to

Dragon-I. I like the food there. In my opinion, it’s wayy better than Kim Gary and Madam Kwan’s.

The little terracotta warriors that is used to guard Qin Shihuang, first emperor of China’s Qin dynasty, ‘s tomb. (Eh! Not bad huh? I actually to mummy when she told me about these kinds of thing)

After everything, walked to Borders. And yes, Miss Chan, Kinokuniya is WAY more awesome. I mean Borders is big too but Kinokuniya has a wider selection of books. In Borders, it took me like 30 minutes to hunt down my books. After finding it, headed upstairs and look what I found!

MJ! ♥

FRANK SINATRA! I begged mummy to buy this. I REALLY wanted it so badly. It was RM99.90 for 100 songs! Argh…I want it now. 😦

And since I was stuck with mummy doing her Clark’s shopping, I bugged her to get me a drink.

BERRY CHRISTMAS from New Zealand Natural. It’s so darn good and FRESH! Taste wayyyyyyyy better than JuiceWorks. Seriously, GO AND TRY! Like the waitress said, it will NEVER doubt you! but I haven’t try out the ice-cream yet. So yeah.

See that pianist? He puts the music book on there and yet he doesn’t read it! I wish I could play like him. So free-flowing.

“Eh! where you going?”
“To the toy shop!”
“You never change since you were little. Every time you see a toy shop, you just had to go in.”

In Living Quarters .

Win : Mi ar? See I like this mirror. You know why?
Mum : hmm…?
Win: Because it looks like a frame and your face is like that painting!
Sales guy : *laughs*

Papier!! MARIAM! One day we will open a shop like Papier and make everything cheap so got customers! And we will marry someone kaya raya so we could ask Papier to do our wedding invitations! 😀

Later on, we walked all the way to Ikano just for Pet Safari. It was a must for me to visit it when I’m in Ikano.

Top : Toy Poodle. Below : Miniature Schnauzer! Cute right? They’re all little puppies that you feel like breaking the glass and take them! x)

There was this old man in Pet Safari who has a Schnauzer and boy….was it’s eye l ashes LONG. SO long that I can tell it was mascara! No joke.

God knows what instrument they were blowing but the sound of it reminds of Sarawak. And I miss Liban now =\

I have no idea what was the shop that I took this picture. But do tell me these are so cute!

Walked all the way back to Ikea because we parked our car there and I wanted to get the curry puffs.

MAR! This is for you. I know…I’m craving for it too!

After that, headed back to have dinner with Grandpa and mummy and I walked over to Parade. (NO….we didn’t stop there at Ikano,Ikea and The Curve) Mummy did her Hush Puppies shopping while I was a little good girl and stayed at MPH and read books.

I got Pure Double Chocolate from Coffee Bean. It taste better than Starbucks. Sorry Starbucks, you have just lost one customer.

Wow…it’s been a LONG time since I did a such LONG post, don’t cha think? Alright I’m off not. Nights 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter time.

  1. Hahahah! Yeah. That’s a pretty good idea. (: she’ll have plenty of time to take it for walks and stuff. (: when you do get a dog, I’m going to dognap it for a few days. MWAHAHA.

    1. HAHA! that’s what i told her too! Winnie : Ma? When you do get a dog right…i think my friends will come here and steal that poor puppy away laaa! 😀

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