Before I forget,


Han! You’re finally 15! WHOOOO! And here I am typing this. Since you’re in China and probably freezing your hair off (HEHEHEHE! :D), have an awesome day kay? I spent like Rm1+ just to sms you. See? What a great friend I am right? 😛 As you can see, that’s the only picture I’ve got of you, so yeah. Anyways, I’m also making this shout out on be half of Aerin too!

And for all my hard work of typing this post, I deserve a Christmas present from you guys! Hahahaha! I’m joking. Well Han, Happy Birthday kay? Have a blast in the snow! If there is in China. (:

PS : Han, I’m sorry I couldn’t reply your text because with only 99 sen left, I don’t think you could even get half of my sms in China.


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