Prefects’ Annual Dinner

As the tittle say, I went to the dinner. Don’t ask why kay? Just know I went and at first…honestly, I REALLY felt out of place. But then, my table….Gosh! The guys were DAMN funny!

Yes. I was the only girl at our table but who cares right? I mean look my lovely ATM! All guys one girl! Anyways, as I was saying, arrived there bla bla bla bla. Skip skip skip. AND BOOM! Everyone was seated. I was talking like crap. Non-stop.

Let me tell you why it was damn fun. When I eat,Danial made me laugh because he took so much food and he was stuffing himself. x) When I stare at Han, Kar Sing will make me laugh because his face will go blank and staring at me while blinking.

When I stare at Arul, Mun Han will start insulting him which makes me laugh more! I look at Rahmat, Ammar start start doing dumb things! See it’s a whole cycle of laughter! When I lost my phone, I was laughing while finding it!

I found it though. So as you can see, I was laughing till my cheek bones hurt. No joke. I didn’t take any pictures. But here’s one. It was taken by Emilya.

Dark isn’t it? But I shall not complain.

So, as you can see, ALL guys and one girl. More pictures will be up. Hopefully. 😉


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