The kiddy side and the picky side

So here I am, looking out at the apartments opposite my house and wondering where the heck are all the hot buff guys working out at the gym?!

I have come to my senses (This just hit me a while ago) that I shall be a Wilderness Explorer.

Like Russell. I shall go to some old guy’s house and earn my “Assisting The Elderly” badge. 😀

Winnie’s brain : Winnie, you are so childish.
Winnie : Oh you’re just jealous because I get to be childish. 😛

See, this is what you get when I’m bored. Moving on… So, I’m making a whole list of dogs that I’m planning to have. Take note of the words PLANNING TO. I’ve canceled out all Terriers and Toy Breeds. I don’t really like them. But I have to admit that they are extremely adorable.

So I’m down with herding breeds,working breeds,gun dogs and hounds. *Woah! You like big dogs!*. Well, I really want a Retriever. Mummy said that she wants a dog that could guard the house…which means a BIG Great Dane. WHOO!

BIG isn’t it? I want it. HEH!

A Smooth Collie is also nice.

Look at it! It’s SO elegant and pretty!

They even have a Smooth Collie Club in Great Britain.

Winnie what’s up with you and big/elegant dogs? Why can’t you simply pick a Shih Tzu? Well, that’s my weakness in picking a dog. I don’t want a little dog. I want it to be big, ferocious and elegant! I want a Doberman,Rottweiler,German Shepherd etc. but mummy said no because she says that they’re temperamental dogs. So yeah.

I’m so getting a Collie and a Great Dane now. I’m going to go for Dog shopping. Wanna tag along? (:


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