The post where I’m suppose to put it up a LONG time ago.

So here I am. Like the tittle say. This post is suppose to be like two weeks ago. And well, my CPU was being all reformatted and all those grieving over the loss of almost close to everything. Bless the Lord that I have the pictures of what I wanted to blog. Alright, first thing’s first, Congrats to you,Jocelyn Chow Yan Kit!

Meet my lovely cousin who just got her results for her UPSR. Okay. I know,Joyce, you didn’t get an A for your Pemahaman but still….4 A’s is sure one haka baluka thing! Hahaha! Next up, on the 12th December, Mun Han ditched me and I had to walked to Parade in the rain. -.-‘

Found Danial and Han at Pizza Hut due to 3 Setia’s class party. So I felt like out-of-place and Danial too, I decided to drag Danial with me to shopping. Brought Danial to every girly shop there is in Parade which meant SASA and what’s not. Danial was really patient with me during the whole shopping thing because I was shopping for the whole dinner thing. HEHEHE! Thankie You Nial (:

Met up with Han later on and we headded to Toy ‘R’ Us. I felt so kiddy like in there. It makes me so happy knowing that I sitll love Toy ‘R’ Us. AH HAN! I’ll get you that pink tutu looking dress considering you were asking for a Barbie doll. HAHAH!

Yi Han! Thanks for letting borrow your RM5 but I’m just joking. ahaha! thanks anyways! So in the end, Han’s cousin, Joe had to fetch me and Fadzli back because the rain was well…really heavy. Picture time!

Say Hi to Han! πŸ™‚

Putra doing something to Ah Han I think. πŸ˜€

Fadzli and Putra.

Please say that you too agree that Putra look like some African American/Inspector/Stalker.

The following day,I went to Aerin’s house and crashed over. I watched

at Aerin’s computer. AERINA HUDA! you sure have A LOT of movies in your computer! and the best part is…she has like what….4 computers at home? LOL! The reason I was at Aerin’s house because we were going to movies with the guys (Han, Putra, Jeffrey, and Gary).

Met up with the guys near the Cinema and then Aerin, Han and I went to MCD for lunch and to wait for the rest to come back. Hehehe! Aerin and I literally forced Han to que-up in the line because we were pratically lazy to wait. Bullied Gary too! HAHAHA! STICK MAN! (:

Jeffrey and his hand says hi =D

Putra : What?!
Gary : Hmmm? πŸ™‚

Then we watched

I’ll give it like 5/5 becuase the effects are pretty cool and it got me wondering “OMG! What IF it happens this time?” God knows what I’ll do!

so alright. I finally put up the post about my two days in a row going out. Yaay meeee!


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