I went to Malacca for two week in a row. And well, it was the first time in my life that I didn’t have to remember history! A Famosa and all that. Somehow…when I was a kid, I used to bug daddy to drive me to A Famosa just to see it.

And gladly, it’s still standing! 🙂 I’m still craving for chicken rice balls. Mind you. The rice are like in shapes of balls. I can still remember my fourth day of braces and I ate the chicken. Gosh! I literally was telling mummy that I could feel it’s as if my teeth were all falling out. I can still remember the pain. Anyways, enough of that. So last week we went to the Renaissance Hotel. Guess what…the pillow were the bomb! I would have take it home if I could.

So for lunch (since it wasn’t time to check in the hotel yet), we went to Indah Sayang to makan! Did I tell you they serve the best nyonya food ever? I just like it! Alright. After lunch, headed to the hotel to check in.

Receptionist : You get the river view.
Winnie : Huh? River view?
Receptionist : Yeap! The river view. You know, the Malacca river?
Winnie : OH! that river view…

I wasn’t blur about that river but my mind was so tuned sea view. You know, me and Cherating beaches and I literally go to Kuantan almost EVERY holiday if I could. So my brain at that time was…”River? Isn’t it suppose to be sea?”. Yes yes yes. Laugh it off but seriously. I miss the sea. Moving on before you have to face me grieving over the sea.

So, Kat and I were in the hotel room alone and going all “it’s going to rain,can’t swim anymore” mood. But after watching about Marine Life on Vision Four, (yes, Vision Four was the only channel that was available for me to watch) I’ve decided to put on my swimsuit and I didn’t care about the rain and headed down to the pool.

We had the whole pool to ourselves which was pretty awesome! I love the feeling when I float on my back and feel the raindrops falling on my face. You should try. It’s nice (: Oh did I mention that mummy got me a pair of Papillio Birkenstock? Yes. I like it. For the price, it’s so worth every cent! Considering I have flat footed feet and all.

Mind the green toes. Back to the slippers. It’s really comfortable. I mean my cuboid bone never felt comfortable! But of course, everything has its weakness and I can’t wear it to the pool. So yeah. Believe it or not, the first day I bought it, I wore it around Subang Parade (bought it at the World Of Sports) and I came home and my feet actually felt like wearing it at home!

This is what my “oh!-that’s-how-squid-eggs-look-like” face when watching Vision Four.

LOOK! the night view! Awesome right?

Peeekiiibhooooo! I see ELMO!

Day 2 at the Renaissance Hotel!

Woke up due to Kat’s alarm and checked out the pool. Went for a morning swim. Yeap, I was freezing. Kat and I then headed downstairs for breakfast. Both of us were shivering cause they placed our seat below the air-conditioning and it was bad enough that we had our soaked wet swimsuits under our shirts. Cold as hell! The service at the hotel is quite okay. I mean…you have to really stop treating me like a little kid who is looking for her parent! After breakfast,headed back to the pool.

This is when God decided to give up on my annoying-ness.
Winnie : Okay. *possitioned to dive* I’m ready to FINALLY get into the water…….Oh you know what I don’t want to go in. The water is….*Lost balance and screams and fell in the pool*.

Kat was laughing her head off! See, this is when I know that God couldn’t bare with me because I was constantly going like “I will go in. I will not go in.”. Oh you know. (: End of Week One!

Week Two. (Holiday Inn!)

I didn’t bring my swimsuit. I KNOW! How forgetful could I get? One lesson that I learnt is that…NEVER leave your swim wear or whatever back home. You’ll regret it for life. So, basically, it was the MOST embarrassing day oh my whole entire life! And I shall not get started at all.

Thank God that finally I bought Ogival swimsuit and a really cool goggles. I know. I don’t like Ogival too! The designs are so aunty-ish. I like Arena and Speedo. Checked out the pool and this time was worst. While swimming, you get out to dry yourself and suddenly the strong sea breeze decided to pay you a visit. Fine. I’m not a strong swimmer cause I can’t stand ice cold water!

The view from the pool. Notice the Eye Of Malaysia? (:

I know. I want to live on that island too.

The pool and the rooms.

Day 2 at Holiday Inn.

Had breakfast and did people spotting with Kat and headed back to the pool. You know something about the sun at the sea just makes it less hot. To me that is. So obviously I stayed at the chairs and started lying down enjoying the sun. No I wasn’t tanning myself. Well, I am tan enough.

And then boom! Came the Raffles Water Polo Team. They and their training took up the whole entire pool! Saw someone cute too but I hope he isn’t Kiasu (scared to lose) or anything. Considering 21 guys were swimming in the pool and took up the whole pool, Kat and I gave up on swimming and decided to enjoy the sun instead.

Doesn’t the spa look pweetttyyy? Hahaha!

Daddy took this picture. Nice scenary at the back right? Yes Han, I look like a loner lah! 🙂

Alrighty then. That’s all and boy…am I tired from blogging.


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