Sesame Street!

My wordpress wouldn’t allow me to put colour on my blog, oh well…i’m tired of being frustrated at it too. Anyways, how do you guys like my renovation on my blog? I like it too. Considering the fonts are huge now. So you, dear readers, don’t have to squeeze your eyes to read what I typed.

Alright. Today I shall talk about Sesame Street. Back when I was kid, my parents filled me up with all cartoons and as you all know, I’m easily fascinated by colours, so I loved Sesame Street back then not to mention, now too!

To me, Sesame Street is always these muppets that I just want give them a HUGE hug and go like “AWW! I love you too, Big Bird!”. Also, Sesame Street is celebrating their 40th Anniversary and still counting. As a kid, I used to tell mummy about Ernie. If you don’t know who is Ernie, this is how he looks like.


That’s Ernie. He and his Rubber Ducky. I find Ernie’s laugh infectious. Oh and then at one point, I even asked mummy whether Big Bird was real. She said no and I went on asking her for my very own Big Bird for Christmas!

sesame (1)

See? Big Bird even reads to you! I mean, every little kid would want a Big Bird for Christmas! And then there is,


Yes. Elmo. I know some of you think that Sesame Street and especially Elmo tends to scare you with it’s huge eyes and the way it talks. But nahh, not to me. 😀 Oh well, different people with different opinions. What I know, Sesame Street is 40 years old.

And I’m dragging mummy to Toy ‘R’ Us now. Get me toys to play. Crap. Winnie, you’re turning into a kid. So what? I don’t care. I’m happy being a kid. Boo you!


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