guess what i baked today?

DSC02004cpy-Flourless Chocolate Brownies With Hot Chocolate Sauce-

yes yes. i know it looks like shit or something but i swear you’ll crave for it just like my brother did. he said it was good for a first timer. wheeee! anyways, i followed nigella lawson‘s recipe.

i’m sure most of you guys love her. even i do too! she’s awesome. i don’t want to tell you what happened to me in Carrefour when i did the ingredients shopping. i felt stupid buying so much sugar. oh well…i couldn’t walmuts anyways. and only used almonds.

the next round i should cut down the almonds. it’s kind of nutty. i’m so happy it didn’t turn out to be as hard as stones! hehe! can’t wait to tell daddy and mummy that their little daughter can move from baking to grilling. that’s my next aim. make spagehetti with roasted ribs.

HEHEHEH! i know i’m hungry too. 😀


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