daisy daisy daisy clover!


hehehe! i just two pieces of those. but my wrappers is black and it says Dove Dark. it’s kind of bitter. but well, i wouldn’t even like it if it’s too sweet. and guessed what the wrappers. okay. one says “Deep down, I’m pretty superficial.” and another one says “I am a woman of many moods and they all require chocolate.”

which is true. all girls need chocolates! wherether it’s Cadbury or Hershey’s. i know. i like chocolates myself. so anyways, who’s up to go dress shopping with me? guys, you could come too, if you could stand shopping. girls also are welcome. i need opinions. worse comes to worse, i’ll go to lihui’s aunt for clothes or even my grand aunt.

tailor made the dress. today we had the talk about form four. teachers were all creeping me out about how manys for what class and all that.  just let us alone. don’t have to re-stress us up again! sheesh. wil is asking me to take literature like him. he even said that i’m pretty creative in my own ways.

heh! my brother. well, i’m taking literature. i like poetry and all. i can’t wait for my French lessons come true. well, mummy said i could. French is lovely 8)


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