a little something something xD

DSC01755Photographer : Winnie Wong.
Camera : Sony CyberShot T90
Venue : Lutheran Mission Home, Cameron Highlands.

aloha malihi.

it means hello visitor in hawaiian. i’m learning hawaiian through the net. hawaiian winnie in the making! me and the hawaiian roller coaster ride. 😉 if you know what that actually means.

mummy is asking me to take French. obviously i said yes. i mean learning a new language. like me and hawaiian. it’s so fun. Paris, here i come! i did my oral yesterday (cambridge oral). who knew doing an oral about child prodigies can be THAT hard. confusing actually.

sighs..i’m like minimizing all of my expenses. saving up to get a dress and pair of shoes. i wouldn’t even guessed that minimizing my expenses would be that hard somehow. but winnie is for your future.think if you get your first pay check and then you’ll probably will go spend it all on useless things. so this step you’re doing is for your future pay check! =D

i’m proud. whooo! planing my expenses is sortta getting into my head. (: did i tell you for RM69.90 for a book is so worth it? especially the ones written by  Nicholas Sparks. well, i am telling you now. Dear Mister Sparks, you write awesome books. i’m glad i bougth The Last Song. it’s so sweet and romantic.

the conflict in the book somehow make you want to read it more! in my opinion, it’s sort of like a chick flick book. i’m dragging daddy to KLCC soon. i need to grab my hands on more books. one book couldn’t last me even for a week. anyways, i painted my toenails, medium blue or what i like to call it, Smarties Blue. 8)

yes edric, that means no more SHINY liquid paper white toenails. it’s blue now. soon, it’ll be green or yellow. i think yellow is nice. sunny colour. yashvanth! you owe me the cendol float!! i want it! deepavali ain’t over for me yet! 😀

`Ololaiki. (All right in hawaiian) i’m going off now. Aloha kãkou 😉


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