here is the cameron post that i promised you guys. let’s start shall we? oh! do take note that i don’t really want to post all pictures kay? it’s gonna be alot. 🙂

Friday (16/10/2009) : Rain drops are falling one my head.

morning started of with two wake up calls form grandma and daddy. it was torture waking up at about 7.30 in the morning during holidays. i dragged myself downstairs to dig for a tee. found myself a tee and changed into it. i wore the little miss sunshine shirt again. (: it’s awesome.

anyways, i was busy packing that i didn’t have time for breakfast. thank goodness mummy bought yoghurt. grabbed it and got on the car. i was still in the sleepy mode going all, “daddy, hurry up! i want the air cond on. sleeppyy”. this is what happened in the morning.

Daddy: girl, pack you swimsuit. we’re going pangkor.
Winnie: WE ARE?!?! *smiles*
Daddy: yeap. we can’t do anything but eat in ipoh right? so we’re going to pangkor la.

After coming back from the petrol stesen.

Daddy: win ar? i think we go up to Cameron, kay?
Winnie: but i pack EVERYTHING for pangkor!
Daddy: i know. go down and pack for cameron instead la.

so basically i have to pack twice. and i had like 2 bags. i brought everything for pangkor and daddy finally said that we’re going to cameron. i have to get back down to pack long pants. wil,kat and mummy didn’t go. they have work and tuition. so i was the only one free. awesome huh? (:

went back to ipoh and met up with aunty lai yin. took her,joyce,jac and joyce’s grandma to lunch. after that, aunty lai yin,joyce and jac decided to go to cameron with us. whooo! ROAD TRIP!

7233_153844072915_502922915_2817293_2249517_nguess who i brought along. yes. my little boyfriend. elmo. (:

went to Equatorial just to stop by.

7233_153844097915_502922915_2817297_1800437_ndon’t we share some features incommon? 😀

daddy asked for the room rates and it was super expensive. so aunty lai yin phoned up Lutheran Mission Bungalow for us. off we go. it was freaking awesome. cause we basically were staying almot at the top. and it was freezing.


7233_153844132915_502922915_2817302_6215563_nthough the could were grey, it didn’t bother us though. 

7233_153844157915_502922915_2817306_2205695_nif i’m not mistaken, this is a daisy. wait. i think i’m wrong.

7233_153844177915_502922915_2817309_831198_noh you know i hug trees more than i hug people. x)

7233_153844212915_502922915_2817316_4947982_nbasket ball court.

7233_153844222915_502922915_2817318_2009568_nswing swing

7233_153844272915_502922915_2817327_5416981_nyes yes. just because i got a pweettyyy flower, i went insane. literally.

7233_153844277915_502922915_2817328_7138158_ndoesn’t my little cousin jaclyn make an awesome background?


7233_153844342915_502922915_2817336_5981857_nberries =D

7233_153844352915_502922915_2817338_1914741_nWinnie: Eh! i love this tree. i swear! i’ll give it a kiss la.
Joyce: WAIT WAIT!let me take a picture of it.
Winnie: hurry up girl! the tree somehow has an awesome smell of wood.

7233_153844377915_502922915_2817342_4117031_nthis was pretty scary. we felkt like we were falling down xD

7233_153844472915_502922915_2817355_8143199_njocelyn chow! you are oh so cute. (:


so after that, at about like 5.30 or so, we went out for dinner since the people of the place only let us have breakfast in the bungalow. went to town and guess what i saw? STARBUCKS. i will repeat so you can re-read it the second time. I SAW STARBUCKS. they have it there.

i was like “BLESS THE LORD! STARBUCKS! WHOO!” i was like starving then. in the end we ate some place called Rosette. i had Zaru Soba. everyone was staring at me going, “aren’t you cold?! we’re like freezing and you’re in your shorts pants eating your ice cold japanese noodle!!”. no i wasn’t cold. don’t ask. my skin is weird.

daddy bought jac a basket ball to play and i bought kat something. walked with joyce and this white guy was staring at me. he looked like he wanted to ask me something. oh well….i nearly bought wil a leather wallet. it was so classic. cowboy-ish. yes. winnie oculd shop for guys’ stuffs if  i want to. after dinner, came back and guess what we did.

we shoot hoops. and you know, i don’t play basket ball, so i pratically missed all the shots. JACLYN could even shoot like 3 hoops! i couldn’t even shoot one miserable one. this shows winnie is more for racquet games. so it got dark and rain started pouring down. not that it wasn’t rainning all that while but it rained heavier.

7233_153844567915_502922915_2817368_7123143_nbefore dark.

noticed the rossy cheeks? hahah! my skin’s reaction to cold weather. rossy cheeks. guess what time we slept. freaking 8.30pm! it was so early and i even went complaining whether why it had to rain then. and there wasn’t any freaking TV in there. which made it worse! i started munching on junks that i could find.

i mean, what is the to do but to eat? yes. i love food. alot. the only entertainment was a bible! i know i’m a Christian and all, but considering that i wouldn’t really touch my bible let alone other bibles. but yes. i took it and started flipping till i decided to sleep.

i forced joyce not to sleep. it was easy. i played all the rock songs in my phone. blasting the speakers. and singing it. hahah! sorry joyce. i know. im mean but it was freaking 8.30! who sleeps that early?!

Saturday (17/10/2009) : ELMO ♥

jac had her daily sneezing. it was like a timer or something. 5.30 am she started sneezing and i had to find tissue in the dark. (our room were like those freaking scary HORROR movies.) so you could imagine how i felt like. i swore i nearly walked into the cupboard. it was so dark.

went back to sleep till jac woke me up at 6.30. had my morning shower. and people, no. it wasn’t cold at all. but i can tell you this, the heater was so cool to look at. when i turn on the tap, i could see fire boiling water in the heater! imagine, it’s like seeing a stove boiling hot water for you to bath.

after that, grabbed the camera and joyce and i rushed down to this sitting spot next to the basket ball court. boyy…the morning was so nice. it had the scent of moist dew on the plants just makes you feel fresh. we were in time for sunrise!!

7233_154536937915_502922915_2825213_1637511_npretty sunrise ain’t it?

7233_154536982915_502922915_2825220_1396351_nmeet Lutheron Mission Bungalow. 🙂

7233_154536997915_502922915_2825223_3193570_nbench at sunrise.

7233_154537012915_502922915_2825226_7978507_nstrawberries! (there was a HUGE strawberry farm behind of the bungalow)

7233_154537147915_502922915_2825250_6493728_ni found this flower which has an awesome scent. (sorry honeybee! i accidentally snatched the poor floor from you!)

7233_154537197915_502922915_2825257_2438428_nthis was the flower that i was talking about. girls! ask your hubby to get this flower for valentine’s!it’s pretty. wayy better than roses!

7233_154537272915_502922915_2825268_6610667_nTHANK YOU JACLYN for taking this awesome picture!

7233_154537287915_502922915_2825271_747925_nwalking on sunshine 😉

7233_154537312915_502922915_2825274_4944852_nelmo says hi =]]

7233_154537362915_502922915_2825283_7173557_nsunbathing! morning sun and its vitamin D. 😀

7233_154537407915_502922915_2825290_4612035_nmeet my grandma. don’t i look like her? hahah!

7233_154537477915_502922915_2825301_6576943_naunty lai yin and grandpa.

7233_154537517915_502922915_2825308_1195132_nthe grandparents.

after we packed and ate breakfast, we were off to Boh Tea Plantation. the plantation was enormous.



7233_154537567915_502922915_2825317_367190_nit’s huge, right?

okay. so, daddy parked his car and we took the shortcut up the the factory. it was like climbing up a mountain which you know you’ll slip down due to mud.

7233_154537582915_502922915_2825320_5871062_nwhen we finally reached up.


my “ohmygosh-we-climbed-up-here-for-nothing” face.

7233_154537597915_502922915_2825322_207055_nSUNBURN! =D

7233_154537667915_502922915_2825332_5390364_ndrink boh cameronian! it’s good!

7233_154537672915_502922915_2825333_6616170_nthis is the machine that grinds up the leaves and makes it into your little tea bags.

after all the boh tea, we went to this market place. walked around and around endlessly.i wanted to buy so many things there at Brinchang. obviously i have to like stop myself from buying things that i don’t use. went back to aunty lai yin’s shop to take my Ipod cable.

yes. i left it there accidentally. then off we go to grand aunt’s house. it was awesome. we chatted and chatted and i was eatting pomaloes. i love it.

7233_154537772915_502922915_2825348_721230_nlast picture for the day.

alrighty then. RUTHI! i’m super sorry i couldn’t make it to your open house. i swear i am super super super sorry. i was in ipoh. this whole thing was so last  minute. sorry. anyways, i’m off now. hopefully i’ll blog about tomorrow. byeee! (:


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