i point you and said him.


okay. that’s a great way to start a post isn’t it? anyways, mister loh reads my blog. AH HAN! HIIIIIII! pfft….winnie jakun now. as if  she only knows one person that reads her blog. there’s so many lovely people. let’s not name them. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! and i love you for that.

i feel hyper. not as hyper as saturday night. i swear i couldn’t stop going, “KOON MENG! i indian now ar! don’t play play!”. i felt like an indian that night. so i become indian due to my display picture on msn that made me have like orange skin. hahaha! me and will, BHANGRAS. xD

MUN HAN and EDRIC! don’t forget jogging! GARY! you come too kay? we exercise! and i’m lazy to wake up so early morning to jog. it’s a killer to wake winnie up at about like 6 in the morning to jog. besides, it’s scary to jog down at the lake at about 7 in the morning! God knows who’s going to be down there! and like i said, i’ll be grumpy. suddenlly, i feel like jogging so much. i haven’t been doing court runs that’s why.

the lake is awesome anyways.

DSC07863see? don’t you feel like the feeling like you just was to lie on the grass? it’s relaxing. i swear. 😀

mummy told me that i couldn’t go diving in Pangkor! talking about CRUSHING my hopes. pfft…what is my wet suit going to in the wardrobe? rot in there? i don’t care. dead corals or not, i’m going deep down under. i miss my wet suit and the feeling of going all stressed out wondering whether your tank has air or not.

yes. i’m weird. oh well..literally all my spare time after PMR is all worked out. mummy promised one to one trainning wiht Coach Chee and i’ll be going out always and dragging the boys to jogging with me. and i’ll be dragging ivan to play squash with me too! and let’s not forget swimming. whee…it’s all loaded up.

i talk to much don’t i? tata!


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