it’s the only thought



i’m watched Push with wil just now. brother and sister bonding. :] anyways, i want you to meet the guy whose songs are really sweet and inspiring (:

1210590244_frank-sinatraFrancis Albert Sinatra. also known as FRANK SINATRA. he is one heck of a man! i’m seriously. i was stuck to oldies due to his singing. i’m sure most of you kow his song L.O.V.E. it goes like this, “L is for the way you look at me” etc. yes. that song. i’ve been singing that since forever. and right now i’m singing Swinging On A Star by Frank Sinatra.

BobbyHelms-FrauleinThis is Bobby Helms. he sang Frauline and ever since i was a little kid i loved the song till now. i can even still remember the lyrics to the song. yes guys. he’s the guy that created your Jingle Bell Rock that you guys always sing during Christmas.

winnie and her oldies. but hey, when you have a grand father who loves to play the harmonica and sing songs, of course his little grand daughter will follow along. i even grew up listening to my grandpa’s old life with Japanese ruling. how awesome right? hahah! he experienced alot. well, that’s my grand father.

moving on, i was looking at Charles and Keith’s Autumn/Winter collection. it’s soo pretty. awesomely pretty. it’s so elegant,royal and exotic.5118521F315C2DE23E5B9B1C60F6E2


85B229296C95A5A13958724F7C732TADA! come on girls. you don’t tell me that those aren’t nice. isn’t it pweetttyyy? i like the boots especially. i’m in a shopping mood now. that’s why i literally craving for Brikenstocks and BillaBong SummerTime Sandals. okay. i really have to stop looking at sites with these stuffs. it’s like agony or something.

hahah! i shall make this post long. it’s been AGES since i did a long post. yesterday, i watched The Bucket List. i nearly teared up! it’s so nice. if i were in the condition like them in the movie, i will so making my own bucket list! 😀 anyways, i’ve been practically dreaming about all the free time i’ll be having in another 3 more days.

i promised myself that i’ll go the Crocodile Lake or ivan calls it..Subang Ria Park. i’ll be dragging people to jog there with me! i don’t want them to make the lake into some building! come on people! that’s like a jogging area! don’t you lousy people tear it down. doesn’t mean you don’t jog or cycle, doesn’t mean others have to suffer along with you! geezz… =|

ohh! SOMEONE’S STALKING MY BLOG QUIETLY! but it’s not quiet now since you told me that you read my blog! hahaha! yesterday, i was telling edric that my i painted my white toenails with this trasparent gliterry nail polish and he said it’ll be shinier that a disco ball! dude! i wish man! and yashvanth is so awesome! he told Ariel that i miss him!

yes. ariel is a boy and he’s my awesome friend since 10! thankie you yashvanth. much appreciated. suresh has been so nice to me in the examination hall. wait, all indians are nice to me somehow. even Jaga,Tevan and Raveen! ahaha! they’re always nice to me since Form 1. hehehe!

anyways, this post is pretty long already. and i’m sure you’re dying for me to finish up. and why am i still typing?


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