an ordinary day :)


my blogging’s mood is back. whooo! anyways, here i am…planning next saturday out. i’m going down to KLCC once again and to probably buy books and shop around. i’m gonna get ivan something anyways.

IVAN GOH! thankie you so much for volunteering to do my 520 questions of bm. though you didn’t finish it…still! i’m gonna get you a copy of A Walk To Remember. and i owe you a birthday present anyways :] i’m always going to klcc.

well, after pmr…i think daddy will be wasting petrol just sending me there every week. he did say that he doesn’t mind me buying books just to pass my time at home. NICHOLAS SPARKS! =D wanna come with me? i probably be window shopping like always.

i’m into movies nowadays. well, movies based on Nicholas Sparks’ novels. like A Walk To Remember and The Notebook. Shane West and Ryan Gosling sure have smiles that could just make you want to be in the movie. Nicholas Sparks’ novels are so sweet. hehehe! i’m a huge fan of him now.

i feel fat these days. i’m always eating. like i get hungry so often. it’s like studying eats up your food your tummy has. oh well…miss chan is always asking me to eat anyways couase i’m young and i still need to grow. anyways, i’m going off. this is a short post (:

DSC08069And he said:
“Take my hand, 
Live while you can.
Don’t you see your dreams lie right
In the palm of your hand?”


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