OH! a cute cupcake!

Little Sarah (:

surppose to be studying. but i’ll blog before mummy comes and find me. i still have loads of papers to finish up. *Don’t Give Up Winnie*

yesterday : piano was okay. teacher is currently composing a song so i could play with other instruments during the concert. yaaayy! i can’t wait. i reckon’ it’s gonna be super fun! then off i go for tuition. mister jun zee was so high after listening to lovegame.

trainning on the other was more awesome. waterpolo again. got seperated from my usual team. so this time i had edwin,darryl,yi hua,sherryl,shermaine,sean and jit hao! my awesome team mates. they’re all my rockers. whoooo! though i still need marvin but hecks.

jit hao is especially mine! he’s so cute and so tiny! yet everytime we scores is because of him. our secret weapon. wilson was playing rough so i went and played rough with him. well, we don’t play rough till we hate each other. just splashing here and there  to make your eyes blur so you wouldn’t know where to throw the ball.

little hui ying was another deadly weapon. even poor jit hao couldn’t do anything to his little sister. once she had the ball, she’ll never let it go. and i mean NEVER. hahahah!

today: squash trainning on the other hand was canceled. went there and found out that no one was there. wasted petrol and toll. sighs. then, we went to aunty ooi’s house. chatted for a while and came home. and right now…i shall move on to LITTLE SARAH!

DSC06769Image004DSC08783meet sarah thong! my little 4 year old cousin who loves taking pictures with me. seriously. all you have to do is drag her to your lap and then you take a picture. so anyways, she turned 4 years old today. whooo! i remember the first day she called me “KATRINE!”

boooyyy….it was hard to teach her that my name was Winnie. but guys, she ain’t no innocent little girl. she’s SUPER cheeky. she tricked my aunty into taking a cup of water for her so she could sit on the chair. see how little 4 year olds could be? cheeky right?

well, anyways, i’m off now. this post is long enough already. and it’s been a long time since i post something this long. well, byeeee! [:


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