stress fever, i’m bring you down!

it feels good to blog again. it clams my nerves down. anyways, here i am. taking a break from all the books. seriously. i have like so many things to do. and i’m not liking one bit of it. =\

right now, i’m finishing up a set of karangan followed by my 54  pages of sastera questions and then 55 pages of solid objective questions. wow. sound fun doesn’t it? i haven’t add up the revision books that i’m surppose to finish up. and the rest of the tuition.

i even have like cambridge grammar book to finish up. note the word ‘BOOK’. sure…winnie doesn’t look like she’s stressing huh? but yeah. i’m TRYING not to. these are the things i’ll be doing this month.

  • bm/maths/science/sejarah papers to finish up.
  • revision books to finish up.
  • tuition classes to attend.
  • trainning to still attend (probably gonna cut it down).
  • piano to practice. (Charity Concert).

DSC08891My computer/study table says hi to you. messy ain’t it?

well, i don’t know how i’m gonna balance it but i will. i’m winnie and i shall be a strong cookie. though 24 hours ain’t enough for me, i’m still gonna fit in time for my blog and my novels. yes. i still read novels to release the tension and stress.

these days, sleep is never enough for me. i still have afternoon naps but it’s like i still need more. i go to school pratically dead doing the workbooks. then i sleep in the car on my home. and later on i get more sleep form the afternoon naps. i don’t know why, but my brain is tiring out. 😦

it feels like UPSR all over again. i remember Cikgu Amran and his ruler made me do all three workbooks without him asking. ask any 6 Anggerik 06 students. one mistake from the book, we get one HARD canning. i’m serious. and i’m one of them. but yeah. i still miss his jokes and his awesome-ness!

sighs. it’s like remembering the past makes me think i sure would like to rewind time. anyways, i got the PMR timetable today. made my heart beat faster. i think i’m coming from a stress fever again. *Dear Lord, Please Guide Winnie. Amen*

Note To Self : Winnie, remember what the doctor said. You over stress. and remembering the massive headaches and the pain that they bring to your little head. Remember how your headaches were so bad that you feel like fainting anytime? and now…you wouldn’t want that to happen again would you?

no. i don’t want it to happen again. it hurts BADLY and i hated it. i nearly cried when i have it. the pain was unbareable. my nerves at the back of my neck hurt so badly that i don’t even want to walk.

DSC08786i’ll take a weekend off just to lay back at the lake and looking up at the sky,feeling the breeze and listening to ipod. anyone interested?

PS: Stress Fever…This Time I’m Prepared To Take You Down. Ohhh…Bring It On. Little Elmo here ain’t scared of you.


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