Oh Bother


like my new blog song? i like it cause it’s relaxing and catchy. =D for those of you, i’m sure you’re wondering why did i lock my blog. well, i lock it for a little while. when i’m seriously satisfied with everything i did, i unlocked it back. 😀

photobucket here and there. change the sidebar and the heading. and sorry for the lack of updates. it’s like i know my blog is dead or something, but i’m always on photobucket and facebook. not in blogging mood. i’m always having my blogging mood when exams are near.

i know. it’s dumb but my blogging mood comes when i’m panicking over the papers. what have you been doing during the holidays? i’ve been doing maths and sejarah. yes yes yes. better believe it. i bought a load full of revision books and it’s time to do.

how far am i from pmr? crap. a month more. urghhh! anyways, i want to watch UP. anyone wanna teman me? please <=( i don’t wanna go to the cinema with aerin. i’ll be chewing popcorn and sipping my coke like a pig and she’ll be next to me. she puasa that’s why. and i’ll be feeling super guilty eating next to her.

i’m up for puasa. yes jun zee. turning into a malay. but i’m gonna be eating anyways. so my puasa is gonna fail. my current craving is sushi. i don’t know why but that’s me. random little elmo. oh well..i’m stopping here now. i promise i’ll squeeze in time to update you bloggie.

DSC07859this is what winnie takes when she’s on her bike, cycling =)

Have I Told You That I’m So Happy Like A Bee Having Honey When I Know That You’re Back On Your Feet Smiling At Me?


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