Trying To Work On A Smile


when was the last time i updated? right…a long time ago. sighs. i’m still  paranoid somehow. anyways, adeline! thanks for the wish (: thankie you hun. and nahh i’m half way through the exams. incredible ain’t it that i’m still alive.

i already miss water polo. sighs. i need my little team mates and marvin! marvin! you’re the awesome water polo player kay? and my goalies! little edric and his brother! and my abby is going to hong kong! =*( abby, it is a MUST for you to visit me when you come back here!

my abby is going to hong kong so fast! why must you go there to study huh? there are also schools here! and debby too! pfftt. what would squash trainning be after you guys are gone? omg. it’ll be and kat and the coach. in loneliness. crap crap crap! abby! you better feel guilty man since you’re going to hong kong!

my birthday is on friday. whooo? so today is my second last day to be 14. and yet i’m sad. these days, i couldn’t sleep properly. nightmares i tell you. only the past few days there were one or two nicer dreams. so i’m hanging on to the dreams hoping it would come true. ohh LORD pleaseeee make it come true.

i don’t like retainers. i miss my braces. retainers are annoying. and i keep asking mummy whether i could only wear it when i  sleep. but she said that i’ve come all the way of making your teeth nicer so i can’t give up. sadly it is true. i can imagine the pain i had last year. so retainers, i have to like you. though you feel like a big blob of gum stuck to my upper jaw.


It was the sun that told me you are somewhere out there being alright. Well, you are somewhere beyond my reach. I wish somehow I could hear your voice telling me that you’re alright. Right now, I wish I was lying next to a lake looking up at the clouds wishing that you’re alright. So on my 15th birthday, I want you to be on your feet again and smiling at me.


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