i know it will then


hahah! i just felt like blogging. i don’t know why, but yeah. anyways, i found this purely candid picture of me during swimming trainning.


COACH MIKE! it’s an ugly picture lah! taken on the 28th of Feb. oh well, i miss the good ol’ times where jeannie, debbie, denise,debbie, nicole and i were all there trianning together ):

now, i want my water polo team! little edric and brother are just the cutest. my two little goalies. they’re about 5-7. we need more water polo!! so winnie’s little team could win again! wow! i’m turning 15 in another….10 more days.

I”M PERFORMING FOR A CHARITY CONCERT NEXT YEAR! wanna come? please say yes. i’ll be playing the piano. please come? i’m not sure about the venue, time and date yet. will comfirm later. 🙂 right now, i’m singing my favourite song. 😀

And you will hold me in your arms, the way you cradle your guitar
And you will take good care of me, like when you’re fixing up your car
And you will love me like the way you loved, the 4th of july
My manhattan cowboy, I wanna make you mine

Manhattan Cowboy, I wanna me you mine 😉


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