KLPAC! whooooooo! alright. so let’s talk about what happened on the 1st of August, which was last saturday. woke up and had piano lessons like usual. then off to tuition. later on, mummy took me for shoe shopping!

whoooo! got my sembonia heels on 50% off. it’s in glossy white. wanted something silver but they have none. and due to my dumb cuboid bone and my flat footed-ness, i’m stuck with everything besides stileto shoes. suckky ain’t it? but yeah. i got stiletos anyways! yeah baby! =D

rush to school at about 6.30 and waited for the bus. mun han sat next to me during the whole trip. boy…was it awesome! talked non-stop. from tuition till psp till school life till songs. hahaha! thanks for letting me use  your credit mun han. (: so, obviously we arrived late to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center.

DSC01421emira and izzy

DSC01423bad photography. xP

when we arrived there….the place looked like the JULLIARDS school! so pweeetttyyyy! the musical was awesome! we watched….


it’s about NS and it’s rocker! =)

DSC01425us and the tickets xD

DSC08366the stage. nice huh? 





-Joel, Me and Ivan-

AHAHAHAH! look at our face at the first picture. sighs. ammar was freaking jealous cause the guys from the cast came and talked to me! well ammar, aku kan perempuan. kau ni laki. ahah! besides, they were all saying thanks to me for coming  to watch them in action. ammar,you’re jealous! hahaha!

yesterday, during swimming trainning, we had water polo! my team were all the little kids. and they’re freaking awesome! cuties. today, squash trainning was torture. one to one with coach sally was pure tiring. everyone was staring at me when i hit the ball hard.

sighs. here i am. regretting that i didn’t do it. how stupid could i be?sighs. Alright. stopping here now. trials is like this friday.*shivers* i’m scared. scratch that out. i mean…i’m TERRIFIED.sighs. oh well….byeeee! (:



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