there’s a reason for this situation

heyleboo. am i abondoning my blog? yeah. sortta. short update here. i wanna make a birthday shoutout.





yes. you a pain in the ass but you’re my 17 year old brother that stuck with me through thick and thin. so for your 17th birthday, i decided to forgive you.

make me piss again…i swear…this time won’t be one month. it’ll be a life i won’t be talking to you. you’re a REAL pain in ANYONE‘s butt. but well, you’re the ONLY brother i got. well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! mwah. you’re a listener but i hate it when you get on people’s nerves. you know i hate it and you purposely entangonize people. hmph.

but yeah. i love you, kay? just that…don’t be a he-beatch again. just know, i’m here to forgive you anytime of the day and any type of weather. you may not be perfect but that’s the way you are to me. (: happy birthday.



anyways i’m stopping here now. back to kh. i have LOADS to blog about KLPAC but i’ll blog about it later. maybe after trails? hahaha! just wait then. one word to decribe it, A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Note To You. yes you. you know who you are. all i just want you to know is, if you don’t like me, by all means, go ahead. just want you to know, as long i have a smile on face, then i’m fine. who needs you to judge me? it’s my life. and i like it that way (:


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