somewhere out there

Mauritius Island!!

nico oh nico. and kiki if i’m not mistaken. i’m going to your home! mauritius island. i can’t stand looking at pictures of it! it’s too…BEAUTIFUL! urgh. pmr….come here now. i’m ready to have war!

and this time…i’m getting the puppy and that plane ticket to mauritius!! it’s better than bali i think. but whatever. i’m coming mauritius. don’t sink down. wait till winnie goes there and then you may sink down. (: 





now do you believe what i mean by BEAUTIFUL? pwetttyyy! it’s located at the indian ocean. awsome island there. anyways, study group at jash’s house was a BOMB! *giggles*

no joke. heheheh! can i upload those videos at facebook, jia wen? i say yes! hahaha! i uploaded the pictures of all our whackiness on my facebook. so check it out! we had fun and we know it! hahaha! MALAY WOMAN! *inside joke* 😉

(: i know. my blog now has alot of pictures now doesn’t it? i’m brighthening up my bloggie. wait. i guess i won’t be blogging starting of july or starting of august. but who knows? the comp is addictive. 😉 mummy doesn’t let me go to the movies because of H1N1. =|

we’re all going to die. face it. the world is ending and we know it. sighs. there goes the KING OF POP. ): M.J….You’re ALWAYS alive to me. May You Rest In Peace. goodbyee. =\


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