heylebooo! lucky you, my blogging mood is back, though i’m really don’t have the mood to blog about club med.

=( sighs. i hate being home. i hate the fact that 4 days are all gone. i hate that school is starting again! it’s seems like yesterday i hated the fact i’m going on holiday. but now…sighs. i feel like crying. OHMYBITTERGAURD. seriously man you guys. if you went to CLUB MED they make you feel like FAMILY.

gosh. the G.Os! they’re FREAKING sportting. NO ONE can beat them. all of them. it’s so sad to leave you guys. and SADLY it’s my first and last time i’m going there. it’s expensive. urghhhh. i hate inflation. i feel damn sad you know. it’s like FAMILY there. so guys, you have to read up. this is a long post.

Day 1 (2/6/2009) : Arrival.

we woke up at 6.30A.M. in the morning. and it felt like school again. it was so early. oh well….anyways…then by 7 daddy fetched us all to KLIA. daddy didn’t go with us cause he went there like so many times. yeap. we flew to Kuatan. for the first time.

DSC07765on the way to the airport.

DSC07767the sun is rising! pretty pretty sun

DSC07768seriously, these didn’t look like chocolates to me

DSC07769HUGE toblerones bar reminds me of Joey Tribiani!

100_2864happy happy happy person. waiting for the long line to check in.

100_2865winnie is a VERY bad photographer. :S


100_2867we DO look a like in some ways.

100_2868somehow…i find planes pretty when they are on air =x

100_2869and i really find planes fascinating. seriously

DSC07846it says winnie wai chung.

DSC07770i shall name the little sheep, paul! thankie you, bryan for that!

100_2871gosh. i look drunk don’t i? hahahah!

100_2872meet my big brother. wilson wong. hehehe!

100_2874pretty picture huh?

100_2876charming ain’t he?


100_2879 the plantations

100_2880i think this is…….i have no idea where’s that.

100_2881like mother like son!

100_2882 i love this picture. kat sure knows how to take cute pictures!

100_2883look! awesome eh that clouds could be like that

100_2884i’m so possitive we’re in pahang by then

100_2885off go. yes yes. it was a small airport so we have to walk down of the plane. it wasn’t bad actually. the breeze was really nice!

i’m actually very proud of Malaysian Airlines. *claps* for a short trip, we get toblerones and nuts and orange juice. furthermore, the captain apologized to us because the landing was so rough. *clap clap* i’m proud!

100_2888the jakun and the bags.

DSC07844the tag that was on my luggage. so my room is Falak 1243

100_2889we decided to stalk this little girl. she’s too cute not to be stalked!

100_2890she’s SO cute! she sat behind me and kat during the plane ride. her mum was teaching how to count. =D  

100_2891 in the bus. leaving the airport.


DSC07845the map of the whole club med.

100_2893do we look alike? i know! we share the same smile, right?

100_2894it looks like stairs right? hahaha! it’s where they put fishes for decorations.

100_2895the tour to our room! and i see NICO!

100_2896EVERYTHING was according to the theme!

100_2897the awesome pool

100_2898the chair that made me and kat wanna steal it! hahaha!

100_2899on the way to our room….this monitor lizard was pretty cool to look at.

100_2900100_2901now this monitor lizard……not nice. but look on the bright side winnie, you’re lucky it isn’t KOMODO DRAGONS!

100_2902me and kat’s room :]

100_2903100_2904100_2905our varenda view. nice huh?

and off to the beach we go. =D we did kayaking and then…we got left by the train. so….we have to walk back to our rooms. we used the jungle trekking path.

DSC07775believe it or not…this is a bug. pretty cool eh? to me…it looks like a shell!

DSC07779i miss having the pitcher plant at home. sighs.

on our walk….we met alot of cartoon statues like a snake, tiger and…

DSC07777HAHAHAHA! oh gosh. the monkey statue really look like that! hahaha!

we came back and decided to go for another tour around club med.

DSC07781how cute is this? i know i’m not surppose to take pictures of the pictures that are posted up…but i couldn’t help it! it’s simply too adorable!

100_2924100_2925100_2926the monitor lizard that fascinates kat at the trapeze.

100_2923gift shop. mind wil. he was looking something for guys.

100B2910hahaha! they were fighting on whose turn was it to hit next!

100_2907taken by mummy. 😀

well….i’m very sad that i couldn’t freaking turn back time. so the first day was effin’ awesome. though i could still remember me grumbling on how terrible the four days are going to be in the car.

but really…it was REALLY good. till i met albent and nico. nico did the introduction to our room. lock everything so no monkeys wouldn’t come in. and then…’s theme was….ARABIAN NIGHT! whooooo! i know. i LOVE it. the show was awesome. and guys, you should have seen the belly dancing! you guys would go “goo goo gaa gaa”

i think the chereographer danced the BEST. seriously. her hips are like shakira’s! and there was the funniest sketch in the world! i’m telling you…it could beat any oral or any sketch in the whole world! hahahah! it’s so funny. me and wil actually had tummy aches laughing! HAHAHAH!

after everything…there was the henna tattoo that really caught my eyes.

DSC07783the “malinese” tattoo. hahaha! i love you whatever your name is who did my tattoo!

DSC07785i so-called “dare” him to do this.

DSC07786i love the pattern =]

DSC07782prettayy star.

okay. the henna tatto is surppose to come out like after an hour or so. but i was so lazy to take pictures of what is after those black thing on my skin. hahaha! just know that the before look of the tattoo are like those pictures and the after look of it…it’s like brownish orange.

that’s the end of day one.

Day 2 (3/6/2009) : Golf lessons, Trapeeze, Rock Climbing, Bunjee Bounce, Kayak competition, Dinner with Passworld (:

Alright. so today was UBBERlY fun.  in the morning, me and kat woke up and noticed that someTHING that was in our room while we were sleeping. and it ate our BREADS! it can’t be monkeys cause our stuffs weren’t messed up. but whatever it was….it’s scary!

100_2927flower art! =] started the day with golf lessons with albent!

100_2928i’m a terrible golfer! i hit that ball as if i was playing baseball! that’s what albent said. xD

100_2929my big brother. look at his face! he has to think twice before hitting.

100_2930mummy picking up the ball :]

100_2931well that is my brother. always thinking whether to go for it or not.

100_2932albent’s strict look. (mummy kept on hitting the ball wrongly.) ALBENT! i miss you so much!

100_2933lalalala! tiger woods in the making =D

100_2934he is doing the tiger woods pose! LOL!

100_2936she always does her stuffs carefully somehow. i don’t know why but that’s my little sister!

100_2937poser 1 (picture taken by albent)

100_2938poser 2 (picture taken by albent) **i see…marcus!**

100_2939poser 3 (picture taken by albent)

100_2940Poser 4 (picture taken by albent) **what on earth was i doing?**

100_2941observe this picture properly guys. cause when i took this picture that sunshine made that leaves all different colours. cool huh? from the lightest green to the darkest!

100_2942i see KRIS! wil was scared. i mean…when i first time…i was SHAKING my teeth out! no joke!


100_2944the stunt that Claire thought all of us. it’s REALLY cool i tell you.

100_2945look at wil’s “YES it’s over” face! ahahaha!

100_2948rock climbing!

100_2949at this point…i was already saying “RIFKY! HELP!!!! i don’t know where else to go!” 

100_2950i can already hear someone saying “winnie and her legs muscles.” yeah yeah >=P

100_2952boy! you should have seen my face when i reached the top!i was so happy that i finally made it!

100_2953BUNGEE BOUNCE! it was freaking awesome! whoooo! i love the G.O’s belly button peircing. 😀 and yeap G.O, my nike shoes has a hole at the heel part. it’s like that (:

100_2954jump jump jump jump!

100_2955preparing for my back flip.

100_2956after the back flip. it gave me a headache! 

100_2957wilson the awesome! [=


100_2959NGEHEHEHE! ohhhhh! we share the same leg muscles too! awesome!

100_2960go katrine go! make daddy proud!

100_2960her aim was to pass that red line there.

100_2961this was my second time for the trapeeze. the first time, kat was so nervous of me falling down that she didn’t take any pictures of me! 😦

my first was horrible! Robert was scaring me with how many people “died” while doing this. and while climbing up. the height was high! seriously. i’m not afraid of heights, i even felt my hands shaking! and when crossing over to the plank. omggg……!      Kris.   Winnie.


*shaking the plank*


oh c’mon! just come!

*crossing over*

okay good! now you right hand, strecth out for the handle.

*holding the handle*

now let go of your left hand.

left hand? NOO WAY!!

just let go. don’t worry. i got you!


on the count of three you jump off!

and by the time i jumped off….the feeling of falling wasn’t there anymore.

 100_2962my second time. this time…it wasn’t scary at all! seriously [:


100_2903the afternoon view.

100_2965i think that was cicak (the name of the buildings)

100_2968look what the monkey did to kat’s shirt!

DSC07787starfish! sarah calls the henna tattoo starfish! hehehe!


lookie! hehehe! my advertisement for billabong flip flops! what to do? it’s from Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. THANKIE YOU JESS!♥

The kayak competition was awesome! and the volleyball competition was awesome! that white guy was so sporting. and KIKI! i miss you so much kiki!!! you and your awesome cheeky voice! and that’s when i met marcus. hahaha!

i had fun with Aliana,Amira and Azrina! we had to much fun…till the train nearly ditched us. not to mentioned ROBERT too!  Rob. Winnie.

YOU FREAKING DITCHED US ON THE BEACH!! we could have walked all the way back!

well…i have to be honest with you. the train was more important to me.

oh my gosh rob. we have to sprint all the way here! you’re so mean!

awww….okay. i’m sorry. look…how about if later you sit with me and the gang during dinner or you wanna sit with your family?

i’ll think about it. if the guys are coming along then why not?

yes they are. they are all sitting with me!

okay. still rob! you freaking DITCHED us! you’re surppose to tell us about the train ride!

okay okay. i’m sorry. 🙂

So today’s theme was white. thank goodness i got white pants and a white t-shirt. i had dinner with the passworld gang. aliana, amara, amira,azrina and teneh. awesome people. me and aliana was talking about boys. ohh you know , “robbie kutcher johnson” look alike!

DSC07793 ♥

DSC07796marcus took this. hehehe!

DSC07797meet marcus! yeah yeah. he and his vain look! hahaha! that’s teneh’s hand by the way. (;

03062009046i this! thank you marcus for taking it! that’s aliana by the way. i’m sure you guys could already read our minds during this piture was taken. HAHAHA!

the performance tonight was nice. there wasn’t any sketch though. i was deffinately laughing my lungs out during the performance! hehehehehe!!! okay. so that’s the end of day two.

Day 3 (4/6/2009) : Batik Painting, Achery, and Turtle Centuary.

100_2969meet turtles!

100_2970gosh. i remembered when daddy bought me and wil one of these and the next hour…it ran away!

100_2971HI TURTLE!

100_2972just keep swimming swimming…hehehe!

100_2973these four turtle were all racing to swim! seriously. me,wil and kat were like “i’m betting on that one who can’t brake properly!” HAHAH!

100_2974doesn’t it reminds you of Finding Nemo? that turtle? ps : the turtle just loving doing that with its flippers and i find it REALLY awesome what animals could do!

100_2975this little turtle’s name is reckless. he couldn’t even stop properly. so while he was swimming so fast from the other end to the end…he actually couldn’t stop! HAHAHAH!

100_2976hi baby turtles! nama saya winnie and i find you extremely cute!

100_2977i felt like bringing one home and keep it! i don’t want the sharks and all to eat them all up =\

100_2978see? they’re too cute to be eaten!!! 

100_2979these terrapins were very scary! thier necks were so long that i felt like the heads are going to fall off!

100_2980two different type of spesies of turtle =D

DSC07808look! turtle egg shells!

after the long walk on the beach…and after the terrifying snake inccident…it’s time to play around with paint! so we then went to do Batik Painting! and i’m sure all of you guys haven’t met anyone by name of Ahmad Yasid Abdul Malek or also as known as A.Y.A.M.

he is the most famous painter till he has meetings with royal familys and VIPs. he’s very famous alright! and i miss him. sighs. AYAM! if you open up your own elephant centuary…i’ll be your best customer! i miss him and his awesome stories! they are never old and the best part is…it all happened to him!

DSC07804pretty polka dots!

DSC07810i really really really love this. the crocodile! it’s effin’ adorable!

DSC07843my batik painting. ayam likes mine best . and i did it less than half an hour! he did the wax thing slowly and my painting mood was all done. so i simply did my painting and it turned out that he likes it!

kat chose the dragon one and wil took a normal japanese koi fishes swimming around. and i had no choice but to take the flame of the forest. somehow…i now know why AYAM loves batik. it’s SO cool what colours could do!

after everything, i tried trapeze one more time. and this time…RIFKY was on that plank. i kindda got scolded by Claire cause i did the stunt wrongly. sorry claire!! i know i’m surppose to left my whole leg up. sorryy! but it was really fun!

and i went to archery. WHOOOT! N.J! you’re the most awesomely ubberly hyper guy i’ve ever met on earth! i wonder where you get all that energy! hahaha! i miss you man. ALOT!  N.J . Winnie.

i’m left hander so i need a special bow for this.

i’m left hander too!

rifky has problems with me being left hander!!!!

well…i have problems with rifky! *winks*

so for dinner….rifky invited all of us to sit with the circus crew!awesome people! and i met some ladies from switzerland! whoo! CHOCOLATES! rob joined us too! hehehehe! the dinner was so funny! all you fault rifky that my “ice peanut” (ais kacang) nearly gave me instant brain damage!! you were making me laugh so much till my ais kacang melted! hahahah!

DSC07813ANDO! gosh. i miss you and your feminine acts. i remembered the first day. the skecth made me and wil laugh till we were ACTUALLY sweating by laughing! hahahah! i miss you ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC07811Rifky. Winnie.

what’s your name weird left hander girl?

the name’s winnie the left hander!

winnie the pooh?!?!


why isn’t wilson and katrine have weird names like you?

i’m special rifky!

you’re weird left hander girl!

i know. i’m weird enough for you, rifky. 😀

RIFKY! i’m so going to Jakarta one day and shout your name till i find you again! i miss you so much rifky! alot! and thanks for the awesome name though. weird left hander girl. i kindda like that! and rifky please come to kl kay? i’ll bring you around! hahaha!

DSC07814MEET NICO!! the one from the most beautiful island in the world. MAURITIUS! i’m going there one day! i miss you nico. you and your dance!

DSC07815*gasps* ashton kutcher look alike!! i can hear aliana going “fuhh!” hahaha! i know aliana! hahaha!

after the night show, we did dancing on the dance floor again. after that…i went to the karaoke with the gang and robert.

DSC07821*chating* “PRETTY WOMAN! walking down the street!” hahahah! claire!!! i miss you too! very much!! sighs.

DSC07822meet NICHOLAS JOHN! my partner in crime! no joke. he and i are like left handers.  N.J . Winnie . Rifky.

NJ!!! rifky said that left handers are weird!!!!!!!

really? he said that?!?!?!

yes ):

okay. i’ll deal with it! here i’ll tell you what. when he says anything more mean stuffs…you do his walk! and go “hi…i’m rifky”

*10 minutes later*

You have a problem with left handers,rifky?*stern voice*

HEHEHE! i’m going to take my food right now. so buh byeee!

*back at the table*

RIFKY! look what NJ thought me! *do the rifky walk* “hi…i’m rifky!*

speaking of NJ…did you tell him that i call left handers weird?

yes i did!

no wonder why la!

you bully me…i’m calling NJ!

DSC07824i know i know. me and him. so many pictures. but but but i miss him to much! see robert. at least you know i miss you! i miss you alot too!

DSC07826me and my bestie! MINA! i don’t wanna tell you guys what happened while i was helping mina during the game! it’s so embarassing yet soo hot! whoooo! hahaha! and i ain’t telling you guys. you wanna know? ask me!

DSC07827MINA GOTO FROM OSAKA,JAPAN! *hugs mina* i miss you very much,mina.

Day 4 (5/6/2009) : BYE 😥

i don’t really have the mood to blog this. just to let you know…it’s sad leaving all the past 3 days behind. sighs. anyways, woke up at 6.15 in the morning and i got 2 wake up calls from the hotel. the water in the morning was like ice water! even with the heater it was freezing.





pretty isn’t it? it was 6.55 A.M when i took this. i was the only one who was there. i was waiting for breakfast to be serve. my bags were all packed. sadly SOMEONE didn’t wake up to teman me! yes i’m very sad and you better feel guilty about it!

stupid flight. so early. why must it be so early? and we were so unlucky. our flight was like at 10 something and the others were like 5 something! imagine how many stuffs i could do if my flight was at 5 in the evening! god knows how many times i’ll be going for the trapeze and scream Rifky‘s name everywhere!

and i’ll be hugging mina so much! (: and N.J!!! and kiki!!! and and and…..i could go on forever. oh well… it was like really sad to go. yes. a certain SOMEONE didn’t wake up. you better feel guilty. and you better feel sorry for me! you didn’t teman me! anyways, i was crying the whole way to the airport.

DSC07832good bye clear blue sky.

DSC07847i was pratically mad when i saw this. urgh!!

DSC07842 back at KLIA. believer it or not….that lollipop is REALLY that big!! and it made me thought of yummy jawbrakers!

sighs. for don’t know how many times i’m sighing, but yes. it’s sad kay? look at all those fun i did! it was so awesome! club med. OH club med! so my prayer request now is…. Dear Lord, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring me back to club med. one last time. pleaseeeee! Amen.

Winnie and her club med. that’s what you guys would say. but oh well…if you went there….then you know how i feel. and boy…this post took me two weeks! anyways, i shall blog no more. if not…i’ll get club med homesick instead. so i’m going now. byeee!


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  1. eragon. i know i know. but yeah. i love reading it. yeah it is! i was a lazy to do like three posts so i did one LONG one

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