stopping at every green light


i can hear someone saying “finally! an update!” yeah. i know it’s you. i had exams. and i’ll talk about it later. right now……let’s talk about last saturday.

on the 23rd of May was….WORLD SQUASH DAY! haaapppyyy world squash day EVERYONE! to all you squash players out there. squash is an awesome game ain’t it? ngeheheh! let’s have the pictures to talk kay? pictures are by…my lovely coach. LIM YOKE WAH! ❤

hehe! coach! don’t scold me kay? but i’m stealing pictures from your facebook. =x

n752623692_1950989_7650538the registration table.


from the left : coach yoke wah, someone, yan qi, zulhijah (i thinK that’s how you spell her name), coach nasrin, and someone else. sorry if i don’t know your names or i spelled your name worngly. (:

n752623692_1950988_2752566pretty courts!

n752623692_1950998_4897587*gasps* balloons. i’m taking 5 of every colour. xP

n752623692_1951317_6643673PORK CHOP’S POSING! heheheheheh!!!!

4434_85443553692_752623692_1951290_97144_na high squash player is on the lose!

n752623692_1951291_2083263the activites held in every court

4434_85434463692_752623692_1950990_8271183_nthis is where they put up nicol’s and the other players’ pictures during the competitions.

n752623692_1951318_1817764“don’t bully her. she’s daddy’s little girl!” emcee and his little daughter (i guess)

n752623692_1951423_1313161now, ain’t she cute?! believe it or not…that shirt is like XS and to her is like XXXXXL! adorableeee!n752623692_1951425_5246349it was really funny in the court.hahah! (ps: the shirt was really big!)

4434_85448728692_752623692_1951426_3870816_n[from left : debby,kat,me and abby] i love this picture. see abby? we don’t look goofy in the glasses.

so then it was time to play the activities that i sign up for. alright. then, there was Mr. Raymond Arnolds. who was SERIOUSLY joke. –Mr. Raymond Arnolds ; Winnie–

hey you! girl!


you play with him.

him? but but but….he’s SO cute!


MEET NICO! okay. his name is REALLY long. trust me. when i mean i mean….really really panjang. nico something something anthony something something. long name ain’t it? and the camera man was fliming me and nico in the court. i think cuz he knows that nico is sooooo semangat!

i mean, for every shot i gave him, he would run and when he couldn’t hit it, he’ll pick up the ball and hit it again. cute huh? and i had another opponent. natasha yuen. ivan yuen and marcus yuen’s little sister. she’s VERY good, i tell you. and she’s about 8 i think.

and guess who i saw there too…LOVETT! yes yes. the LOVETT TWINS! whooo! it made my day awesome. with anis,daneil,nico,lovett twins and yes brynn…..SMOKIN’ GOOD LOOKING GUYS! hahaha! yes. boy fishing. any girls interested? come next year. we’ll go fishing for numbers.

and my brynn went to the court to ‘test her skills’! aww…it’s okay brynn. you did great for a first timer kay? tracey! you should go too next time. i’ll teach you guys sqaush! hehehe! BRYNN! you better upload those pictures of you in the court so i could steal them and post it here!!

i’m in a holiday/study mood. but holidays come first! =D i’ll stop the crap here till my brynn upload those pictures. byeee!


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