got me upside down

ohh! heyleebooo!

today’s my popo’s (grandma) birthday! she’s 70! okay. i have pictures of her but i’ll upload it later kay? so on saturday, uncle foo vung and uncle foo hong invited us for a dinner in Restoran Overseas Jaya 1, PJ.

okay. so we reached there and there was a dinner for this baby’s full moon. so everyone was dressed in gauns and tux. just that baby’s family. anyways, uncle foo vung brought his seriously awesome DSLR!




trust me,it’s REALLY big. yes uncle foo vung! give me that DSLR. i don’t care whether it uses rolls and rolls of film. i still want it so i could develop the pictures! hehehe! i was having alot of fun with the camera. snap here and snap there. then…i remembered what my phone camera could do.

DSC07523my glass of champagne. a little alcohol won’t kill. besides, after drinking, you could sleep like really soundly.

DSC07521moet & chandon.DSC07524it says….champagne 2000DSC07526moët. it sounds so cute. i think i shall name my goldfish moet! 😀DSC07525grand 2000 vintage. moët & chandon [:DSC07528i look at this and i feel guilty that it’s in my tummy. sorry sharks! sighs.

and there was the Secret Recipe Cappucino Cheesecake!DSC07530me and kat was like….”tomorrow, i don’t care how many court runs we have to do, i’m so doing it!” ….it was fattening and delicious i have to say. people make delicious things not good for health. =]

my popo is 70th!  her cooking….gosh….i tell you…..D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. grandma’s cooking is always the best right? anyways, my popo is the BEST in the world! seriously. okay she could be naggy but well…rocks! i love you so much!!!


whooo! oleh sebab itu, sempena hari jadi popo saya, sebagai cucu dia, saya akan bake a cake! manglish. heheheh! and wait till you guys try her nasi lemak.

DSC01755it’s really really really really nice. i swear (if i could)

gosh. i’m hungry now 😉 i’m stopping my post here. oh atm! i updated. tata!


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