Hey YOU.

yes you. i’m going a promoter for Anis. and she’s selling cookies at an AWESOME price! you couldn’t get it anywhere! and the best part….it’s homemade chocolate chips cookies! why is she selling it? the money will be for her cats! 😀

that’s right! to all 3 adilians, you’ve seen anis in action at the MPV room in school and you’ve also brought back her cookies. and some of you guys also have tried the chocolate cake that she baked for Asma right? well, wasn’t it SERIOUSLY awesome?

i mean who could resist the all time favourite baker,who has a passion in baking, bakes her cookie with love? that’s right folks. every little piece of cookie is filled with mouth water chocolate chips that melts in your mouth everytime you bite!


  • Fresh, delicious chocolate chips are ideal for parties, snacks that you just want to munch on while watching tv etc., birthday gifts, dessert — basically it’s for anything!
  • Individually packaged.
  • 10 pieces of cookies for RM3 (20 pieces of cookies for RM6)

so what are you waiting for? trust me, you’ll be craving for more! to order, just comment this post and tell me your name and your email address.

ps: offer is only for SMKJ-ians.


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