i want you to know


exams are near and here i am bloging. i know mother’s day was on sunday but…what did you give your mum? well, pratically my gift doesn’t count. but oh well. since kat’s birthday was on mother’s day, mummy got her flowers instead of her getting mummy flowers.

hahaha! let’s me just make my shout out for my 13 year old sister.

DSC01087joyce and kat.toy r us 2008. this was when we were REALLY bored and decided to crash toy r us! =D

DSC0370931st december 08. we decided to kill our boredom with…going to the playground and acting like kids! (:


yeap. it pronounced the same as catherine but without the “the” there. just like kat and rine. no it isn’t funny. anyways, yeah you kat! you’re another year older! and i’m feeling like i’m aging too. =\ oh well…… you are annoying/irritating or a brat sometimes god knows what else, but you’ll always be my little sister.

well happy birthday!! and we celebrated kat’s and mummy’s day at RakuZhen!

DSC07408caterpillar roll! it has unagi in it. yummmm!DSC07409dessert! this time wasn’t goma icecream.mummy decided to try something else. cream puff with green tea icecream!

friday night was a blast. bryan and jackie were chatting with me and it was awesome. we did these little doodles. and we talked about..bikinis? =X hehehe! don’t mind us.


my version of jacklyn soh! right at lefthand corner! my version of bryan below that and the red head dude, is jackie’s version of bryan! the rest are mostly drawn by me and jacklyn. xD

DSC07402her version of me. i have brown hair! whooo! chlorine xPDSC07403yesh i do!Winnie!ohhh! jackie! here is my masterpiece :P. so called masterpiece. it says i love you this much and you know it. from pooh. heheheheh!

oh well…i’m going off now. byeee!


4 thoughts on “i want you to know

  1. geezzz..u know what..i wanted to like find where the chatbox la..than realise what tasha said..”wordpress cannot put cbox”..

    1. sighs. yeah! i know right? i want it to have a cbox so that everyone could put their comments about my blog on it. oh well…..so you like the ‘masterpiece?’ (:

  2. gasp. winnie wong! i changed my link. try clicking the one on your blogroll. (: hahahah. change it yeah, my new one’s summerandeden.wordpress.com

  3. i know you changed you link but i’m lazy to relink it. maybe if i had the time then i will do it. soon.

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