can’t keep my eyes of you


i’m back! and my teeth hurts! badly!!!! ='( the dentist used this plastic rubber thingy that he put it from one end of my bracket to the other end of the other bracket.

it hurts. sighs. there there winnie. you’ll be alright. like Fafa said, Tough It Out!grrrr. think of perfect smile winnie. think of the money daddy put in so that the you have metal in your mouth so he wants his daugther to have a nice smile. that’s right. you’ll be okay. like miss chan strong and fight! (:

anyways, Raziq is back from Japan and got awesome stuffs for us! well, mariam,jash,jiawen,anis and I got awesome souveniers! Thankie You!

100_2720100_2732the awesome banana pancake like twiggies that says “Japan Banana” on it!

100_2718meet kimi! i like the name kimi better. and there’s kimi jr! i’m surppose to give raziq back the small one, but i keep forgetting. sorry!

100_2742the peanut looking sensei that i just ate and made my teeth hurt! oucchhh!

anis and mariam got the geisha keychain. while jiawen and jash got the freaking adorable sushi pens! hahaha! ooooohhhhhhhh! lookie here. i have a koala bear. a plushie of course!


meet Humphrey!  he’s a chinsielay! he’s a mix of chinese,aussie and malaysian! he was made in china, imported to aussie and his brought back here in malaysia! thanks ivan!

wheeee! tomorrow, we’re off. labour day. i’m going to take mummy out for shoe shopping! well, i know she doesn’t like it, but i know i do 😀 anyways, my neighbour’s cat LOVES the dog so much! and the dog loves it too! i think cause both of them are females…so yeah.

and there’s this two kittens which keeps on disturbing my poor tortoise! they’re so fascinated by my tortoise. it’s like a little toy that it’s head always goes into the shell for protection. there there spotty. she must be super scared that the kittens are bullying her!

i know what you’re wondering. how do i know whether my tortoise is a female or a male. i remembered that paya indah wetlands ‘zoo’  keeper told us! awesome huh? hahahah! anyways, the pain is killing me. so i’ll be sleeping now. tata!


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