there you are!


i’m going to tell you guys about what me and Iman did the other day! i had a spankin’ awesome time with her when we were on msn. we were on webbie too!

let’s start off with the webcam. picture time!(okie. if you can’t see her face…that’s because the light was behind her. so yeah. i told her that i couldn’t see her face too. oh well….)


see what i tell ya. it’s dark right? i couldn’t even see her face too!yes yes. i’m wearing a HUGE headphones.dsc06935happy lil people!dsc06938winnie : *i’ve watched slumdog millionaire!*

iman : *me tooo!*100_2681snapshot 1#100_2682snapshot 2#100_26811snapshot 3#

and here’s a special shoutout to Iman who had her 11th birthday on the 21 of april 2009!!!

Happy Birthday Iman!

you’re 11! wohoooooo!! just like switt mun darl! she’s 11 too! awesome awesome 11 year olds you guys are! i’ve just realised, my 11 year old girl friends are really pretty for 11 year olds! serious. guys out there… trust me…they’re hard to get! i’m teaching em’ to reject you boys!

anyways, iman… i love you. and you know that! i’m sorry i didn’t make it to your birthday party last week and i didn’t get  you anything. but………i got ya chocs!!! yeah yeah. kids love chocs don’t they? well, I LOVE CHOCS too! thanks for the awesome drawing that you drew. and that strawberry rubber band!100_2700wish i was REALLy a squash queen xP100_27031ohhhh! awesome! i have bangs!


Ta-Da! it looks so cute huh?

and, yesh. we’re were really lifeless that time when we were on webbie. hehehe! anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMAN! hehehe! you cheeky lil one! i’m going off now. byeeeeeeee!


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