here’s another post for my dear daddy! yes daddy. you’re turning 55 tomorrow. so for that we went to….*drum rolls* Mandrin Oriental Hotel for dinner. we ate at Lai Po Heen Restuarant. seriously…the hotel is a wayy better than sheraton! it’s so classy!

everytime mummy mentions Mandarin Oriental, me,kat and wil will be like “OMG! the TOILET!!!!!!” why the toilet? of all things in the hotel? okay. when were young, me and kat found the toilet very fascinating! there were buttons and stuffs! and and and the toilet itself could make you think how fancy would the rooms would be!

pictures talk!

dsc06978the rain is falling! the clouds are peeing! =Ddsc069901the park view. romantic ain’t it? ngeheheh!dsc06981the coffee house if i’m not mistaken.somehow this picture looks nice when it’s blurr.dsc06982the grand stairs! (sorry guys. this picture, i wasn’t holding the camera properly. i was scared i’ll fall down. by then, my phone would be pure dead!)dsc06989pretayy art!dsc06984they’re not cream! they’re buttons that is stuck next to the toilet bowl.dsc070092heheh! i was bored. xDdsc06992the awesome table!dsc06993nice right? the way they know how to place those. i think my poor head would have brust thinking of where to place the forks and all!dsc07001jiawen! you see that plate to hold that towel? that’s made out of puiter![ps: everything there, have the logo of the hotel]dsc06994red wine! okay. it doesn’t do much effect.dsc070041the white wine that the waiter gave me. thank you harry! grandma didn’t allow me but the waiter went like “for the young lady, she could take it.” hahaha! ps: it tastes like apple juice!dsc06997the starter. there was a HUGE piece of scallop! yuummm!dsc06998i know it looks yukky but well…wait till you try it. you’ll crave for more!dsc06999roasted duck skin dumpling.

dsc070001the cord fish! gosh. tastes like what RakuZhen does!dsc07002see sham? what i told you. it’s big aint it?dsc07003some vege thing. cute ain’t it?dsc070051the roasted duck meat earlier was cooked with noodles. at this point of the dish. i seriously couldn’t take anymore. sooo full! yet so good! 😀dsc07006 when it reached this part of the meal…i was like “DESSERT!!!” that thing with the slice of strawberry on top, is durian pancake! yuuummmm!

and since it was daddy’s birthday celebration…uncle meng told the chef to do something special for daddy!dsc070071awesome eh?

so then…the bill comes…and….dsc07022if you could read it…then you’re good! if not…it says….Festive Set -RM8555.00 and after 30% discount…it became RM688.30

and uncle meng also got daddy chocolates that the hotel made!dsc06996dsc069951

 yes. i’m drooling too! thank you uncle meng! i love you and you know that! uncle meng works as a chef in mandrin oriental so our dinner was all done by all the proffessional chefs that he knows. the best part of it…he could tell us that is inside of every dish!

hehehe! oh! uncle meng even told us that mandrin oriental mangament is  REALLY fussy about EVERYTHING! even a little crack in the walls, they have to make a HUGE fuss over it. i know! fussy people. no wonder why the hotel is so nice! everything is so accurate!

okay. i’m stopping here now.byeee!


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