like a shoebox of photographs


aunty peggy sent me an awesome picture of Tylor!!! i love the way the picture was taken.don’t you?


ain’t he a cutie? he must be posing! oh wait! it’s kealy (i think that’s how you spell her name) that is the photogenic cat. 😀 aunty peggy has like LOADS of cats. i could still remember…the cats were everywhere! on the couch and under the tables. and she has 3 doggies! darnnit. i can’t wait to go back to visit her cats!

I”M GOING TO OUTWARD BOUND SCHOOL!anyone interested coming along with me? please say there are some of you that will be going! denise and nicole are coming! wheeeeee!!! people! i’m going to be in the jungle for 10 days! and like my “used to be dream” of what is it like becoming like an orang asli came true! hahahah!

i reckon it’s going to be fun! jeannie says it fun! so outward bound…here i come! though…at first i was freaking paranoid of being home sick or something. but jeannie convinced me. nghehehe! i have trainning just now. and guess who i saw in the pool…….mister yap kar sing! and his brother kar wing!

Winnie. Kar Sing.

hmmm -.^ that dude looks like kar sing. *swims agains*



hello! *swims back*

did ghim hann come?

i don’t think so he came today. (:

ohh! guys look what i found!dsc069261yellow ladybirds! there are like 20 laydbirds here. i’m that middle one!! hehehe!

meet the awesome Jack Johnson! some of you have listened to the song Upside Down from the movie Curious George. and the latest ones that are stuck in my head are ; Banana Pancake, Bubble Toes and Better Together. (:

listen to it kay? i’ll be watching Curious George soon. yes yes. i know it’s childish but whatever. i find it adorable. George! (: tata!


2 thoughts on “like a shoebox of photographs

  1. ohh!!! outward bound is like a camp. for 10 days. you get to do kayak,mountain climbing(i think)jungle trekking and all those out door activities that you don’t do in the cities! :D:D:D!

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