we’re all spots!


oh loserville! yes yes….you. you know who you are. Loserville. You are so self-absorbed, you make spongebob look like a rock! hoping you would say yes but it turns out to the biggest mistake of my life man. yes i’m talking to you. and you know who you are (:

today was the photoshoot! yeah man. i borrowed sarwini‘s glasses! thank you! you rock girl! ngehehehe! i asked yashvanth how i looked in the glasses and he said i look like a grandma! well…me,jiawen,azfar,lihui,divya,ruthi,lalit, and jash  i think wore glasses during the picture! hopefully that camera man will develope the one with us wearing dorky specs!

hahaha! we’re awesome 3 Adil! WOHOOO!!! finally. i said A-D-I-L. and not setia. i’m so used to setia. even i wrote on my english answer sheet setia! though…i love 3 adill right now. it’s so fun. right LADYBIRDS?hehehe!

dsc06312(MSSS 2009) venue : tennis court.

ehehe! i brought along my maths homework! 😀 i was playing tennis with the squash racquet! =D i know. were were really jakuns  having nothing better to do. i know jess is smiling seeing that i love the flipflops she bought me from Gold Coast! ya girl! i’ll get you something from….Gold Coast one day too! a bikini! 😀

darn it! daddy’s camera’s memory card can’t be read!!! ish…geram |=<  so you guys have to wait till the computer could rad the memory card so i could upload the sports day pictures. sorry guys. ):  and i have an important announcement to make!

LADYBIRDS! let’s go to the curve and ikano after the mid term exam! wohooo!

rock the world down. the end.


4 thoughts on “we’re all spots!

  1. ohhh!! heheheh! thank you hun!
    i love them too!
    but don’t you think that the paper is like so striking? hahaha! must be the thunder 😀

  2. heheheh!!there was thunder when i was taking that picture. i love the flip flops too! it’s from gold coast,aussie. when i go there one day…i’m getting all you guys stuffs man! =]]

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