oh bring it on!

GOSH. i’m so mad right now. ian just ruin my whole entire sunday. i swear ian is pratically HELL . yes. today was match play day. where we get to play matches. right now, match play day only comes once every 3 months. notice this….

Ian . Winnie . Clement. Narrator

HAHAHAHHAHA!and i think that you were good.

…. “missed the ball*


3-7! win him lar!!!!!

*missed the ball*

HAHAHHA! FAT WOMAN CAN”T RUN!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAH! and to think you can play! noob!!!!!

The first match finished. Winnie lost to Ian who was basically doing psychology against her. So, as you all know….winnie HATES it when people psycho her. and yes. she got REALLY mad.

Second set! One love! (1-0)*smiles* hmmm…

one all! (1-1)

I’m only giving you chance!

Whatever. *hits ball*

SEE?! i’m giving  you chance only! i’m letting you win!!

winnie got EXTREMELY mad at ian. she was really furious….

*hits a drop*……and you were saying about chances?

okay ar….next round i’m not going to give you any chance.

So, the second game, winnie won ian with a 11-7.

HAHAHHA! i’m only giving you chance. you’re the same ol’ loser lar!

CAN I KILL IAN RIGHT NOW? GOD! i so prefer jason right now!!!

******ian’s parents looks at winnie*******


i can’t believe you say the F word.

yes. at times like this yes i do say it. why? unlike someone who wear a cross round his neck tends to insults which makes it much worse than the F word. i’m a Christian too. i don’t insults like you do! i have patience too. once you’ve done it…you’re off!


you know what…i’m not going to give you any chances right now.

*rolls eyes and hits ball*


*hit ball hard*

*smiles* 3 all!

soon winnie was leading and ian’s mouth couldn’t stop psycho-ing her which made her more mad.



*keeps hitting*


you know something ian? i’m losing but somehow my points are more than yours. weird ain’t it?

in the end winnie won ian and she was relieved yet still mad.


remember, there are alot of people like ian out there. like mummy told me. even when you’re working. so, do this. when they try applying psychology on you..NEVER fall for it. why? if winnie fell for it…she would have lost and ian would be rubbing it all in her face. if they still apply it, just know they want you to lose and the victory is theirs. think twice before falling into someone’s trap.

Love, Winnie.

PS : it doesn’t only happens in sports but in anything. your opponent is ALWAYS there to bring you down. don’t make it happen. especially when they antagonize you.


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