this adds up to the “dear diary” page!

heyleboo! alright. like i said before…highlights of my week. there’s going to be loads of pictures (:

Saturday (14/3/09)

Went to Fridays with daddy and had chicken and shrimps. yumm! with jack daniel sauce! =D and mummy had to go for a dinner so swimming trainning was off! yaaay!

dsc06660our table viewdsc06658the RM 7.90 lemonade.

Sunday (15/3/09)

went for squash yade yada…bla bla. the end! (:

Monday (16/3/09)

my ‘homework’ day. yeap. stayed at home.dsc06672yesh yesh. my poor styrofoam chicken rice box had been…abused? fyi, i was ubberly bored then.

Tuesday (17/3/09)

went to aerin’s house at like 8.45 in the morning. had a blast! arman had the sugar rush i guess. by 11, we’re off to pyramid. bought tickets for…

dsc06716yeap! Race To Witch Mountain.  Came in like late. so yeahh. awesome anyways. aerin had to go early so me and victoria ended up crapping around pyramid. bought ice-cream and we actually got lost at pyramid. yes. you may laugh. we lost our way finding her mum and eugene.

Wednesday (18/3/09)

WORKOUT DAY! well, not exactly. mummy fetched me to holiday villa due to my laziness. went there like super early. waited for Denise and Nicole. then we played squash for an hour and obviously we started talking crap in the court 😀

since none of us decided to swimming and i forgotten my goggles, we went to the gym!sorry guys. i was a pure noob at it. the weight lifts and all. :Dand joyce came up here. and met with mr.president! then , mummy told us bout great grandmama’s news so it gave me a heart attack.

Thusday (19/3/09)

reached at sham‘s house at like 7.30!sorry sham you gotta wake up so early to teman me. thank you by the way. dinesh was like “shy” and was scared to come down the stairs. haha! then, went to jia wen‘s house and off we go to kl. stopped by at some building for sham’s dad needed to do something.

stayed in the car and we endded up camwhoring. after that off we go to the….

dsc06733Sultan Abdul Samad building if i’m not mistaken. [WARNING : if i see this picture in your sejarah folio…you’ll be getting a slap 🙂 thank you.] PS: i mean it. =D

dsc06736NGEHEHEHE! “OUCH!” <- sham.

dsc06737there there jia wen. it’s okay. you look nice in that picture!

pictures taken in the car :]dsc06730dsc067311

so for lunch we all had laksa which was RM 7.20. see? it’s cheaper than that lemonade. and we camwhored in pavillion! 😀


jia wen’s sexaay legs! wohoo!

that chair was in ever changing room in parkson pavillion! yes yes! we started laughing our butts off when we including dinesh went in to the changing room! trust me….it would have been a hotel room! it’s huge for a changing room.

dsc06741Shy little Dinesh! sham’s little 9 year old brother.

dsc06740dream shoes and clutches! yes. mimpi lah winnie ni. hey! every girl could dream right? haha!

after that, i gotta rush in my packing back for great grandmama’s funeral. yeap. rush as in less than10 minutes to pack!dsc06745this wan tan mee stall in Menglembu was my all time favourite supper food when i was young. which was years ago! thank goodness you’re still there  uncle! i’ll go and eat wan tan mee everytime i’m back in Ipoh!

Great Grandmama’s funeral. (note to readers : if you think taking pictures about the funeral is wrong….go away then!)dsc06743my great grandmama! i love you! always will.dsc06760great grandmama in hawaii! like 1970 something. super long. and no. that ain’t my great grandfather. it was some hawaiian dude.dsc06764meet my grandparents. mum’s side! my grandmother was SUPER pretty i tell you. and as her granddaughter, i’m freaking jealous. yes. so if i’m jealous of her…you girls out there better be to! she looks like a model! i swear man! =]

 if you can’t tell in the picture…then i’m a bad photographer. my great grandfather look like my grandfather in that pictures. WAAYY HANDSOME! trust me, the picture ain’t surppose to be like that. i’ll take a better picture next time. and you’ll see how handsome/beautiful they were 😀

Friday (20/3/09)

had an awesome sleep. my grandmother’s house was freaking cooling without the air cond and the fan! trust me…it’s like colder than cameron highlands! ate the famous fried noodles in Falim. why is it famous? they us charcoal to fry the noodles. awesome awesome food!

then it was time for us to burial )’: i was super sad. cried. yes i am emotional! deal with it!

dsc06770my white chrysanthemum flower.dsc06771the white and yellow [:

lunch was awesome for we all were hungry sweaty buffaloes. =Ddsc06758dsc067841meet danny the gay. or shall i say…lala?he the one in pink that the first picture  xP joyce’s church friend. if your are interested, leave a comment. i’ll get you guys hook up! (:

rushed back to subang cuz wil got tuition and then all of us went out to Mum’s Place in Damansara Perdana for dinner! the food is awesome! the dessert i like…

dsc06794thai style water chestnut with blended ice and coconut milk! yumm…

Saturday (21/3/09)

went to kl with mummy, wil and kat to have dinner. hehe! skipped swimming trainning again. went down to somewhere near klcc to have steamboat. the roast chicken was awesome! it’s call Restoran Stadium Merdeka. you guys should try it out.dsc06805our lovely table view of the twin towers. the restaurant is really near to it. when i came back, we all smelled like roast chicken. no kelvin! you can’t eat me! i’m probably not that delicious by the way.

Sunday (22/3/09)

went for squash trainning. and i’m telling you, coach sally was really torturing me! even clement agreed with me when he got one on one with coach sally’s boyfriend! puhlease…i got coach sally herself! we’re equal. anyways, clement was awesome this time. wait! ain’t he always nice to girls?

hahaha! yeap. to asha! i bet he forgotten her already. and you’re drinking colouring water! not juice! =P sighs. school’s starting tomorrow! arghh! i need more holidays! i ain’t prepared for exams again! urghhh!!! here i am…not done with my maths yet. and i’m not going to do it too. [:

anyways…i’m off now. watching friends (: tata!


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