more than words

hey ): my greatgranmama…passed away. she’s 98. and i thank God who gave her the strong will that she had.

Dear Greatgrandma,

i know that i’ve never really been the little mimi you wanted me to be, but i’m sorry for whatever i did wrong. after all the 14 years and 17 days that you have seen me growing into someone whom you no longer could remember…but i would sure love to tell you right this second…that i am still that little mimi in the inside. i know i didn’t celebrate mother’s day and your brithday with you..and i’m sorry for that.well….greatgrandma, you’re the one who introduced me to the awesome candy that is only found in ipoh and i thank you for that.

after all the 98 years you’ve live, only these pass few weeks, they’ve detected that you have terminal breast cancer. you’re a strong greatgranny. and also, greatgranny, no one can call me mimi the same way anymore. i’m really proud that you smiled at me the other day in rememberance of your little mimi here. no one can ever forget that precious smile of yours. thank you for being the greatest great grandmother i have ever had.may you rest in peace in heaven. good bye, great grandmama.- with all her , your little mimi, winnie.-

well, laugh all you want that i’m very dramatic or emotional or whatever crap. but my 98 year old great grandmother means alot to me.

listen to it. mister frankie j has an awesome voice! anyways, i don’t really have the mood right now. so i’ll update his weeks activities… later. byee.


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