i found number 3 instead =D

heylebooo! currently in aerin’s house. hehe! using her comp. i swear it’s a freaking CC here. (: she has so many computers. like 4! i only have like 3 at home. 😀

anyways…im watching friends. superly funny! unagi!! salmon skin roll! wohoo! jennifer anniston rocks! how’s your holidays so far guys? having fun? mine is starting to be awesome! well…it’s already really awesome! so yeahh…we’re going to pyramid later. watching a movie with arman and haziq! aerin’s younger brothers. no..i’m not babysitting. i’m just…following! =D

you guy should watch Daddy’s Little Girl by Frankie J. it’s super sweet! sighs. i got nothing to blog now. ohh well…i still can’t wait for tomorrow and for thursday. going to kl. sejarah folio. rajiness. tomorrow’s workout day! i’m walking to holiday villa. swimming. they’re scamming our money. 10 bucks for the pool!! okay. for you rich kids out there…RM10 to me is alot. so laugh. anyways, i got to go now. will update soon. i hope. well…byee!


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