where’s number 3?

heyheyhey!! how’s your week? the break is here!!! wohoo! soo…my week has already been planned! yes yes…it’s gonna be super fun!

ATM! jom jalan! =D so here i am really excited about next week! monday,is going to be a blast. going to do a little shopping. tuesday,going to someone’s house? haha. i don’t know yet. wednesday is going to be……*drum rolls*…….. WORK OUT day!

yeah man! anyone interested in working out with me? i’m going for a warm up walk to holiday villa, then come with squash with denise and then swimming! and i’ll finish it up with a warm down walk back home! wohooo! i’m excited about it!

thursday….SEJARAH TOUR! and here i am….couldn’t sit properly.today, the test finished! and yesterday, was a total blast. truth or dare was plain funny! thank goodness that the guys are in kh. and didn’t see what my dare was. Izzy, Sham,Lihui and Anis laughed their butts off! yeaahhh! we rock! =D we should play it again. hahaha!

daddy brought us to Raku Zhen for lunch today. yuuummmm! felt like a total pig there! though, it was worth it. the food is AWESOME

dsc06556curry udon!!dsc06557goma ice-cream! =)

everyone’s going to Aussie! ivan and jash is going to aussie. alvin and jason are in aussie too! and i wanna go! i wanna see jason! see how good he is in squash. ohh! did i mention that i met kit yi in school yesterday?

nope. guess not. kit yi came to school yesterday and i talked to her. after a LONG time she’s been in india to become a dentist! gooo kit yi! ask ca-wyn,fang and kar kein to come on sunday and see us in action! whheee! hopefully coach della decided to come this week. 😀 

dsc06575ain’t it a pretty moon? sorry it very blurr. i took it with the camera phone and not d-slr. full moon! okay. i’ll update soon. (: byee!


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