pretty lights!

heyleeloo! yeap. i’m done with my tests. well…the important ones anyways. i’m in a holiday mood! 😀 everyone is! i’m gonna visit greatgranmama soon. yaaay!! and she’s 97. yeap!she’s old alright. but she’s still my strong greatgranmama!

the word greatgranmama sound cute! well, greatgrangranny, you too have a nickname like your great granddaugther! i’ll call you greatgrandmama and you call me MIMI. doesn’t winnie and mimi rhymes? awesome! anyways, she’s having stage 4 cancer. the bad one…and guess what?

she smiled at me and i could see in her eyes that she actually does remembers me!wohooo! and who says a 97 year old great grandma doesn’t remember her great granddaughter? hahah!not bad eh? she’s staying strong in the HDU at the moment. HDU means High Dependency Unit. so it’s something like ICU (Intensive Care Units) so nurses have to always be there.

here are snap shots i took in car during the journey back to Ipoh and i took a few stuffs in the hospital.

dsc06437kat says that this is the ‘line’ in your malaysia maps that shows we were going to step on that line to perak.dsc06440does it look fake? yes it does to me. but it isn’t. (:dsc06441this really caught my eye while i was bored and couldn’t sleep. does it remind you of Hollywood?dsc064461the machine that was so tempting to touch. ngehehe!dsc06447opps! it’s a little blurr. guess what does it do? =D this is machine that you see in shows. the one where they on it and put those two things together and rub them so it generates electricity! awesome right?

and on the way to the Maternity Ward…..

dsc06451hehehe!dsc06454the incubator! it is a machine which prematurely born infants are kept in controlled conditions, as of temperature, for protection and care.dsc06453now, ain’t this little baby cute? yes it is!! sadly, there was only one little baby in sight. and mum told us that this baby has alot of hair and big eyes. while when we were babies…we were completely bald! and i realized that babies breathing are really fast!dsc06449HEHE! everything in the darn hospital caught my eyes! even those stuffs! i wanted to take the plasters! hahaha

so we when to the stadium for food! yummm…and then we’re off back to subang.and…once again…i took pictures! hehehehe!

dsc06456the rain is falling…winnie’s boring! yes. i know i am =Ddsc06459and it stopped rainning. i love this pic. don’t you?dsc06466and the sun came back out!dsc06468the pretty rainbow!!! one day…when i’m super free..i’ll go find that pot of gold

so yeap. there goes the story behind those pictures!ohhhhh!!! in the hospital,i saw this shiny gold like board with all the doctors name and what they do. so that also caught my eyes. hehe!

there are Anaesthetist, Dermalogist, Maternity, Medical, Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist, Oncology, Surgeon, Paediatricians, Urologist, Psychiatrist, Radiologist, Dental Surgeon, ENT,Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Plastic Surgeons.

yes yes. i have never even heard of some of them too. like what in the world is Anaesthetist? though the rest i have. well most of them anyways. so anyone interested in become a doctor? there. you choose. hahah!everything in the hospital caught my eye.

okay. myabe i was super bored or something. but still….it isn’t like you get to see those machines everyday. alright then. i’ll stop here. i can’t till next week! i’m already excited! (: tata!!


2 thoughts on “pretty lights!

  1. whoa.. u just talked bout ur granny today.. and i didnt know there are doctors who ‘do’ maternity.. isnt that like… mother? does that make my mom a doctor?? lol.. talking crap again

  2. i don’t know. maternity doctors meaning doctors who deal with maternity patients aerin. dush. hehe! yeap i was. sighs. she’s still sick. oh well…God bless her! (:

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