green shit huh?

i see..


a light! wait! noooo i don’t…. i see….


SNICKERS! *hungry?SNICKERS really satisfies*

Winnie’s blog : “winnie! did you know this is lame?”

yes i know it is dear blog. i know…anyways


i took Mei Shia in the long jump. i’m such a good friend am i?anyways,today house pratice was ubberly fun!hahah!the boys played kabadi.’s like wrestling. in chicken form!hahahah! the boys include, nigel,yit weng,harith,tatt fai,peter,jezreel,tony and one more dude i think. we were laughing our butts off man.hahah!

Now…let’s have a little list of what winnie wants.

Winnie wants…..

  1. Her corn to get off of her feet! (it hurts)
  2. To run in a marathon? (i’m planning to do so. soon…)
  3. The holiday to come faster! =\ (pleaseeee i need a break)
  4. More MSSS!! (it was super fun!!!)
  5. JUICE! (craving for it!)
  6. More sleep….=(
  7. More sugar to keep her high at all times.(beware yit weng!)
  8. To get more money to go shopping! (badly…)
  9. To score for exam man!
  10. Her little wonderland back…..(yesh. please)

yeap. that’s what i want right now. ohh remember that blurr-est marker?Kelvin? hahah! well, i didn’t know it was an extremely small world! he knows samuel and iishan and iiern! see how people you know are link to one and another and back to another person you know?small world man!ohh! and i want to his church. let me be the newbie in someone else’s church for once.=]

please say the sejarah trip to kl isn’t cancel. i’ll kill you guys man! you have no idea how much winnie wants to walk around. and get out of the house. take fresh air. let me screams my lungs off! (: speaking about lungs…i do have a loud voice.

blaming swimming here! hahah!right. i had fun today. during oral. it rocks! well…obviously i didn’t prepare. went up there…and say it out loud. but the voice was beaming in my head was “STICK TO THE TOPIC!” yeahh! trust me people…you don’t need all those preparations and stuffs. just talk lar!

okay i’m speaking like Napoleon Hill Camp thought me last time! gosh! i miss it badly ….=( ohh!sejarah…please go into my head.and uncle thomas is back. which mean…. CANADIAN CANDIES!!!!wohooo! :))))) song lyrics are stuck in my head. i’ll stop here. i’ll be back! 😀


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