lost your heart


guess what? *drum rolls*


yeap! nicol david is coming to town! wohhooo! sadly i’m not going. ohh well, i always see nicol playing in Bukit Jalil so many times. (: winnie’s showing off!hahah!

anyways, i watched the wedding planner and i love the songs! so you squash fans going to watch nicol in action or not? you know…it’s free! well,ive been eating too much mcflurry this week. first, oreo and then today i had mudpie. yuummm…

and deidrea had juice! this is so unfair man. juice taste better than mcflurry ten times! and holidays are coming soon. and so does exams. sighs. anyways…..another birthday shout out.

To The Lovett Twins![28/2/1993]


Tracey and Brynn! okay…tracey is on the right and brynn is on the left. (: pretty aren’t they? ahhaa! well gurls, you’re 16 already. so HAPPY SWEET 16!!well, you both are two old pretty ladies! ahahah! and well, sorry i didn’t gt you a przzie but look on the brightside, you’re on my blog where all my other friends read this post!

♥ ya! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY you sixteen year olds! (: ahaha!anyways i’ll end my post here. my weekend has already ended. so fast =( and this is why i need a break man. well, it’s okay. we’ll be doing the sejarah project soon!

and that means..KLCC,Times Square here winnie comes!! shopping!! woott! ahaha! okay i gotta go now. have a lovely week people. and stay tune for more.byee!


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