that ignorance is bliss

hey! okay. i’m a little tanned now. port dickson was schorching hot. anyways, the hotel was really awesome. pictures will be up soon. and the beach was well…..i still like kuantan better. but the Legend was really awesome and not to mention they are building water houses. you get to buy them!

like a holiday home. our room was really awesome too! the toilet was like whole normal hotel room with the jacuzzi bath tub and there’s a sky-roof on top of the shower. hahahaha!! there is also this little part of the room floor which is glass and you could see the sea water below!

hahaha! no wonder why they called it water chalets. we took premium water chalet and it rocks! =) and we went to the ostrich farm but i like Jelita better =D. and to some park  just to see the light house. owh well, i’ll let the pictures do the talking…


look! that’s the brightest star in that clear night. that tiny white dot up there. hahahaha! you wanna know something? the pictures of the last five animals up there are actually posing! i’m freaking seriousthey are posing for the camera!hahahah! i’m serious! they could make excellent cam whores! owh! the sky roof is pretty right?hahaha!

 its the third last picture. ! i was so bored the whole day i started counting planes.winnie is so lifeless. she must have never seen an airplane before. owh well. i counted like 18 planes i think. i love the night sky. its so beautiful. there were so many stars. its so peaceful sitting in the gazebo and listening to the waves. =)

gosh i’m tired. came back from aunty lee ping’s house. yee mae and yee lin[i don’t know how to spell her name] were pretty!mei shia was there too!!!hahahahah!the carollers were there. =] and the house is an open concept house. meaning there wasn’t any gate! there was a swimming pool, an open air toilet, a movie room and the bedrooms were humongeous!

 i met mei shia’s brother.  i really don’t know the spelling but he’s really cute! hahaha!!  we got little prizzies from aunty lee ping too! awesome! :] tomorrow is christmas eve!yaay! santa is coming through….erm…the door i guess. there isn’t any chimney in my house so yeah. hahaha!



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