here it strikes again

hello! this is going to be a short post. i’m downloading songs now. just passing time i guess. owh well….since today is alvin’s birthday, i’m going to make a shout out!

yaay!! you’re 14 too. hahahah!! Well dude, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALVIN YAP! you’re old too! ngehehehe! you’re really awesome alvin! hahaha!! i miss talking to you. when are you gonna come back  to malaysia? please say soon, kay? i want to see how much you’ve changed. great i don’t have a picture of you. 😦 owh well, have fun in Sydney. [if i’m not mistaken its sydney] come back to malaysia to visit us, kay?


i know you readers don’t know who is alvin. well, he’s my childhood friend. he moved to Australia in 2003. and so yeah. i haven’t gotten the chance to say goodbye too. well anyways, happy birthday dude.

i’m so getting you shrinking pills. you’re growing too tall! but for now i’ll probably ask nina to smack him instead. buahahah! great i fell short. =(


i was really bored so i took a picture of grass. winnie is so lifeless. yes i know.sorry this post is really short but well, isn’t it obvious that i’ve got nothing to blog right now. i’ll dig up something interesting. bye!


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